Christmas Eve Basket 2018

How is it Christmas in just three weeks time! This year has flown by and it's that time again to share what's in the kids Christmas Eve Basket. This is the sixth year I've put together a Christmas Eve Basket for them (4th for Harry) and I just love doing them! It's definitely a family tradition I see ourselves doing for years to come. 

I love waking up on Christmas Eve morning and seeing their little faces when they see the basket by the tree. It's just so magical for them at this age and I want to soak up as much of it as possible whilst I still can. We then spend the day having a festive day, wearing Christmas jumpers, stuffing our faces with Christmas themed food and watching Christmas films.

Every year I add the Night Before Christmas Book for us to read before bed and I also include a new book to add to their Christmas book collection. This year I found this cute We're going on an Elf chase book at ASDA and just had to get it. We have the Easter Egg hunt book too by the same author and the kids love it. 

I then always include a new DVD to watch. During moving we seem to have misplaced some Christmas movies so I found a trio of Santa Clause films, they've never seen them and I think this year will be a great time to start. I also saw Stickman so had to get this for them too!

We then have our personalised Santa plate which we've had a few years now for the kids to put out a mince pie, milk and carrot for Santa and the reindeer. I bought this off eBay for around £10 I believe. 

A key for Santa to get in as our Chimney is blocked and also some magic reindeer dust to put outside before the kids go to bed. 

I always buy a new pair of festive pyjamas for them both each year and found these ones for £6 each in ASDA. I bought some plastic Santa cups last year in the sale at The Works and they were only £1 each so I had to grab them to save for this year. 

Lastly I bought a pack of Festive Friends biscuits which the kids love, an Elf gingerbread making kit and some chocolate coins and smartie tubes. 


Do you put together a Christmas Eve Basket/Box? I'd love to know!

You can see previous years below for more inspiration. 



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