15 Ways To Use Zoflora Around The Home

If you haven't heard of Zoflora then where have you been? Zoflora is a scented disinfectant which by the way smells amazing! I've been using Zoflora for years as I'm sure a lot of people have, however recently it seems to have become more popular so I thought I'd share some of the ways I use it as I've had quite a lot of messages over on my home Instagram account asking what I use it for. 

Some of my favourite scents include Springtime, Linen Fresh, Tropical Twist and Peach Paradise. A few recent scents I managed to finally find are Winter morning and Lavender Escape which smell amazing! I do have a fairly big collection, probably far too much according to my other half but what does he know, he never cleans! You can can pick up the standard sized bottles for £1 or less in most shops. Sometimes as little as 79p in Home bargains or when they're on offer at Supermarkets.

So here are 15 ways to use Zoflora around the home:

In the sink

Disinfect cloths and sponges at the end of the night by using a capful in boiling water and letting them soak over night. I try and do this every two days and switch up the scents. When you wake up the next morning the kitchen smells amazing! 

Wipe down worktops and surfaces

Put a capful in a spray bottle and then wipe down your worktops and surfaces. You can pick up these clear plastic spray bottles from Home Bargains and other places such as B&M and Wilko for around 99p! Be sure to read the back of the packaging or bottle for user guidelines however I always ensure its diluted.

Spray your furnishings

I like to spray the furnishings daily with Zoflora to keep them smelling fresh. I use this clean plastic bottle which I picked up in Home Bargains for 79p and fill it up with one neat capful of Zoflora and the rest cold water. Then spray it on all of the duvets, cushions, curtains, rugs etc. 

Cleaning the floor

I use Zoflora in my spray mop to clean the floor daily especially in the kitchen and anywhere else that is tiled or wooden flooring. You can also spray it directly on the floor if you have a spray mop or use it with a mop and bucket. 

In the toilet

Adding a few drops in the cistern of the toilet works wonders in my house. It keeps the bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Especially good when you have kids or a house full of boys.

On the radiators

If you wipe down your radiators with Zoflora whilst cleaning then when you turn the heating on the room will smell amazing. I also put some on kitchen roll or cotton wool pads and put them down the back of the radiators too. You can also do this with your towel rails too.

Use it in a reed diffuser

A lot of people have been saying recently not to do this but I've been doing it for years and no harm done. I fill up an empty reed diffuser with half a capful of Zoflora and the dilute the rest with water and have them dotted around the house. If you turn over the reeds every few days it leaves the room smelling amazing!

Add a capful to your bin

To keep your kitchen bin smelling fresh pour a capful of Zoflora on a folded piece of kitchen roll and place it at the bottom of your bin before you put your bin bag in it. It keeps it smelling nice and fresh every time you open it. I also use the spray bottle and spray down the lid and sides to keep it disinfected too.

Make scented wipes

Buy a pack of cheap unscented baby wipes from the supermarket and then pour in some neat zoflora and voila you now have scented wipes to wipe down the surfaces in the house.

Hoover filter

If you have a Dyson or a similar hoover like myself where you can remove the filter make a Zoflora bath and soak it for a few hours or over night then leave it to dry. Once you pop it back in it will release the scent next time you hoover.

Pour a capful in the sink

Pour a capful down the sink to keep them fresh. I also like to do this after pouring boiling hot water over a cupful of soda crystals to clean the plug holes in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Put a capful in the bath or shower

When I'm doing a deep clean of the bathroom I'll pour a capful of Zoflora in the bath tub once I've finished cleaning. It leaves the room smelling amazing for ages. Just don't forget to hose down the bath or shower before you next get in it.

In the wash

I also always put a drop in the washing machine drawer with the towels or beddings. They smell amazing when they come out. I only recently started doing that this year after finding out this tip on Instagram.

In the toilet brush holder

Every time I wash out the toilet brush holder I add a capful of Zoflora to the bottom before putting the holder back in. This makes it smell amazing every time you pick up the brush to use it and obviously also keeps the brush disinfected too.

In the car

Not technically around the home but I like to keep a small spray bottle in the glove box in my car and spray it on the dashboard, car mats and seats to keep it smelling fresh. 

These are just some of the ways I use Zoflora around the house. There are so many more hacks and tips. Do you have any other tips for using Zoflora? I'd love to know!


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