Kids Halloween Basket | 2018

I have been making the kids themed baskets for some time now. Every Halloween, Christmas and Easter for the past 4 or so years. It's a little tradition of mine to by themed treats for that occasion and give them to the kids usually on the eve or on the actual day. They have been pretty popular with our readers and I've had a few people ask me what I've put in Harry and Amelia's this year so I thought I'd share what I've put in this years basket. 

What's in the basket:

Peppa pig activity colouring book
Room on the broom book
Pj masks bowl - Tesco
Pj masks cup - Tesco
Slime - Poundland 
Ghost led light - Tesco
Skeleton straws - eBay
Chocolates - M&S, Asda, Tesco, Home bargains
Halloween tights - Tesco
Little monster pjs - Asda 
Halloween light up balloon - Asda
Pumpkin carving kit - Asda
Glow bounce ball - Asda 
Pumpkin boppers - Tesco 
Halloween boys socks - Asda 

I always include some sort of themed clothing, whether it be pyjamas, a top or leggings. This year I couldn't really find much so opted for these little monster pyjamas which were actually in the new festive section at Asda but as they have monsters all over them I thought they were halloweeny and fit right with the theme! Plus they can then also be kept for Christmas. 

I always try and find bits and bobs which aren't just sweets or chocolate, so browse the shops to see what Halloween themed items I could find. I usually find B&M, Home bargains, Asda, Tesco, Poundland, Waitrose, M&S and eBay to be the best for this and manage to pick up a lot however I left it till last minute this year so didn't really find what I was looking for so ended up adding more treats in the basket instead. 

Tomorrow we will be carving pumpkins and watching Halloween films before the kids head over to my parents for sleepover as I am working. I'll be giving them the basket in the morning and then packing some of the treats and pyjamas to take to Nana and Grandads. 

Have you put together a Halloween basket or bought some themed treats for your little ones? 

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