Preparing For Christmas With The Disney Store #GiftMagic

We've just returned from Disneyland Paris yesterday in fact and I am now in full blown Christmas mode. I've never been to Disneyland at Christmas time before but it is just pure magical and I already can't wait to return! Since having kids Christmas is definitely my favourite time of the year, and since I no longer work on Christmas Day it means we get to spend it together as a family. I love nothing more than making memories and for me Christmas is all about just that as well as the joy of giving and receiving gifts too of course!

I've left Christmas shopping till last minute this year so now I am starting to panic that I won't get everything done in time! Luckily we were sent some gorgeous personalised stockings from the Disney Store this week to enjoy before Christmas with lots of lovely stocking fillers from their favourite franchise to stuff them with for the kids so that's one less task to worry about on my never ending list of things to do! Amelia was sent a Minnie Mouse Christmas Sack which is a pretty decent size to fill with some stocking fillers. It's personalised with her name on which she loves. Harry was sent a personalised Mickey Mouse Stocking. I love the quality of these and can definitely see them being used for many years to come.

Harry is cars mad so imagine his surprise upon finding these goodies inside his stocking! The Disney Store very kindly sent him a cars mug, a tool kit, a Disney Pixar Cars 3 Tsum Tsum Lightening Mcqueen Soft Toy and a Cars Sherif Pull Back Car. He is over the moon with these gifts and hasn't stopped playing with them since. As Harry is nearing three he is at the perfect age now where he understands it all. Last year was still special but I think this year will be even more so now that he understands Santa more.

Amelia received a Frozen necklace, olaf soft toy, a Frozen colouring set and a bottle which she has been using for school every day since. Both of the kids are becoming huge Disney fans and even more so since going to Disneyland earlier this week which is so nice to see. We love nothing more than snuggling on the sofa together watching a good Disney film at the weekends. 

Seeing the excitement on the kids faces make me ever so excited for the big day to relive my excitement for Christmas once again. I love Christmas... the whole build up to the big day, present opening and giving, staying in your pyjamas most of the day, eating chocolate for breakfast and lunch and then arguing over who's cooking the Christmas dinner. It's what makes it all that little bit special, being around those who you love and spending the day together.

I can't wait to hang up the stockings on Christmas Eve and see their little faces when they wake up on Christmas morning and run downstairs. If you're looking for fantastic fillers for your little one's Christmas stockings this year then be sure to check out the range at the Disney Store, you won't be disappointed. There's something for everyone!

* Thank you to the Disney Store for gifting Amelia and Harry with these stockings and fillers (although they think they're from Santa!)


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