How to Travel Around London on a Budget

London might be viewed as an expensive international destination, but the truth is that it can be very easy to travel around the city as much as you want and save plenty of money while you’re doing it. Use all of these money-saving tips for traveling London on a budget or try just a few – either way, your pocketbook will thank you.

Enjoy Transportation Discounts and More with Oyster Card

London’s Oyster Card lets you save about 50% on London’s public transport system, and it’s very easy to use. These electronic smartcards can be purchased online prior to your arrival in London, or you can purchase them at Oyster ticket locations and TfL visitor centers located throughout the city. You can choose to travel for a single day or longer, and you’ll have access to a variety of transportation options including DKR, National Rail Stations, trams, buses, and of course, the Tube (Mind the gap!). That’s not all – London Visitor Oyster Cards also come with a variety of savings offers for things like shopping, restaurants, and even entertainment.

Take Advantage of VoIP

Communication is a big part of travel – whether you need to call home, make reservations, or contact friends you’re meeting later. VoIP makes calling London far less costly, and you can use it to make calls from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Viber Out is an excellent service to consider, with call packages beginning at under $5 USD for over four hours of talk time. You can use it anywhere an internet connection is available, completely bypassing costly roaming fees charged by cellular service providers, and you can dial cellular and landline numbers alike.

Visit Museums and other Free Attractions

You might think that museums cost money to visit – and that’s true at many locations. The good news is that many of London’s top museums are free. So are many of the art galleries, and of course, it’s always free to take a walking tour or watch the Changing of the Guard.

Eat Well without Spending a Fortune

Many of London’s pubs and restaurants are designed with tourists in mind, offering fun experiences while treating visitors to traditional British fare. The bad news is that many of these places are quite a bit more expensive than restaurants frequented by locals. You’ll save quite a bit of money by enjoying meals like London’s locals do: Try getting your lunch from a food truck, enjoy simple breakfasts by shopping for basics at a supermarket, and consider trying small local cafes as well as popular chain restaurants. Be sure to ask locals for recommendations! Whether you’re craving fish and chips, a full English breakfast, or a fantastic curry, they’ll point you in the right direction.

Consider Alternatives to Traditional Hotel Stays

Accommodations can be expensive – in fact, if you go the traditional hotel route, your room might be one of the costliest parts of your trip to London. Alternatives like hostels, Airbnb, Couchsurfing, and even a program called Camp in My Garden will save you lots of money while introducing you to friendly locals.

Save with a London Pass®

The London Pass® is an all-inclusive passport to more than sixty paid attractions located throughout London. Choose from durations between one and six days, and you’ll enjoy some special discounts as well as priority entry at several of London’s attractions. This pass also offers access to a sightseeing bus tour plus it comes with a helpful guidebook. Some featured attractions include:

· Tower of London
· Windsor Castle
· ZSL London Zoo
· Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
· The London Bridge and London Tombs
· Jewel Tower
· The Royal Observatory
· Westminster Abbey

The London Pass® even includes the Thames River cruise experience – yet another fun, fantastic way to get around London.

Avoid Common Spending Errors

Like many other destinations, London has a few features and attractions that cost more than you might want to spend. Here are a few ways to avoid breaking your budget:

· Skip taxi rides if at all possible. There’s an exception to this rule though: if you’re out at night in an unfamiliar area, it’s probably safest to take a taxi back to your lodgings.
· Remember to spend some time researching all of your options. For example, you may save more by choosing a hotel or B&B that comes with free breakfast than you would by selecting a cheaper option with no meal included.
· Passes like the Oyster Card and the London Pass® will help you travel around London on a budget – but only if you really do plan to use them. If you’re only going to visit a few places, you might be better off paying full price for admission.


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