Our Family Bucket List (2017)

I've shared winter, summer and autumn bucket lists on the blog in the past but have never shared a general one for the whole year before. There's so much that I want to do this year as a family and for myself so I thought by writing them down I'd have more of a chance of actually doing them as I can cross them off! Some of these are places for us to visit whilst some are for myself as well as some goals for the year that I want to achieve. Hopefully you can get some ideas to add to your own list too. 

Last year I had so many plans but never got round to doing them all but now that Harry is older and doesn't use the pushchair anymore I think it will be easier to go places and just pack up the car and go away for a few days every so often. We live in North Wales and there is so much to do and see right on our doorstep although there's not much for the kids ages that we haven't already been to so this year I want to go further afield and have a few weekends away.

Here's our family 2017 bucket list: 

Visit Peppa Pig World

Go back to Bluestone Wales

Take the kids to Chester zoo at least once

Go to Disneyland Paris

Go on at least one other holiday abroad

Visit Alton towers Cbeebies land

Stay in a wigwam

Go strawberry picking

Go camping

Travel to a new country

Find some nice lavender fields to take some family photos in

Have a weekend city break with the kids

Take the kids on the Welsh highland railway

Visit a new castle

Go to the cinema more often

Go to a family friendly festival

Get some family photos taken professionally

Go on a UK break (Center Parcs or Forest Holidays)

Take the kids to disney/frozen on ice

Throw a birthday party for Amelia

Take monthly family photos (Me & Mine)

Go to a pumpkin farm (Pick Your Own)

Go to Winter Wonderland or Lapland at Christmas

Go ice skating

Personal bucket list:

Pay off any loans/store cards

Read a minimum of three books across the year

Get my teeth professionally whitened

Run race for life

Clear out the attic

Go to a new blog conference

Go away for the night on my own

Have a girls night out away somewhere

Go Christmas shopping in a big city

Reach my goal of £10k in savings to go towards house deposit

Complete the 365 day money saving challenge

Get back into rock climbing

Finish writing my Ebook

Go to a concert (Have my eyes on take that)

Walk up Snowdon ( I've not been up in at least 10 years and it's only 10 minutes down the roads from my parents)

Do you have an annual bucket list? I'd love to hear what's on yours!


  1. We haven't got one but this has inspired me to sit down with Amy tomorrow and write one. Great idea x

  2. I do have a few things in my head but I haven't written them down in a blog post yet because I haven't decided how I go about doing it.
    New country, can be Ireland. I'll show you around. :)
    We are planning to take a few mini breaks this year with the kids. With one of them being going to Peppa Pig World, Thomas Land and Center Parcs. We will do this instead of taking a summer holiday. I do plan on going to Disneyland Paris too but I think I wait another year or two when Chloe is a bit older.

  3. I love this list and how there's stuff for you and stuff for the family. I can't wait to see you tick everything off! x

  4. Great idea !! I haven't prepared it yet but this has motivated me to sit down and prepare it.

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