Our Disney Trip Wishlists

I've not even booked our Disneyland trip yet as I'm waiting to see if the flight prices decrease at at all but I have it all priced up and ready to book for when they do. I've been making lists and writing up an itinerary for our trip to make sure we can do as much as possible during our visit. I took Amelia back in 2014 when she had just turned two and she loved it but it's going to be even more magical this time with both of the kids! 

I thought I'd share some of the bits which are currently on my eBay and Amazon wishlists to purchase for our trip. I may have even made a few sneaky purchases already woops, but I just couldn't resist! I have separated them onto two different wishlists simply because there was too much for just one. Obviously the kids haven't asked for any of the items below, it's just items which I think will make our trip more enjoyable and a few essentials. I am also planning a shopping trip later in the year  to Primark & H&M to buy some disney themed clothing items for us all to wear for the days at the park but I have included a few personalised t-shirts.

Essentials and favourites for travelling to Disney with kids

For The Kids 

1. Mickey Mouse LittleLife Toddler Daysack - these also come in lots of different disney characters, great for days at the park with toddlers.
3. Mickey Mouse ears - I thought I'd buy these before as they can be expensive at the park
5. Lanyard ID neckstrap - Handy to put ID card with information if kids get lost
6. Mickey Mouse Handwarmers - We are planning to go in December so will be very cold
9. Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse Umbrella
10. Disney Frozen Handwarmer - Perfect to keep little hands warm whilst watching Dreams
11. Finding Dory Powerbank - Will be handy to charge iPads/phones etc
15. Personalised Disney T-shirt - For Amelia

Will also be buying Autograph books before we go and I've found this one for Harry and this one for Amelia which I think are both super cute and they'll love filling them up with autographs.

Disney essentials and favourites

For Me

1. Pom Pom Hat - I've found a similar hat to this in H&M which is so Disney! 
2. Disney Gel Handwarmers - To keep hands warm in the cold weather
3. Disney Minnie Earphones - How cute are these!!! I need them in black, white and pink!
5. Disney Compact Umbrella
6. Micky Mouse Backpack - I'm not sure if this will be too small but I LOVE it! 
7. Disney I can't Keep Calm t-shirt - Can't wait to wear this on the way there
9. Disney Passport Holder - Love this!
10. Minnie Mouse glitter coin bag - Couldn't resist buying this!

I've never really been much of a Disney fan if I'm honest but I couldn't resist buying everything themed haha! I'm sure I'll find more before we go so will no doubt share another wishlist type post or park and travel essentials. I bought this "Days Till Disney" Plaque on eBay the other day so I can't wait to start counting down and watching lots of Disney films with the kids over the year. 

Do you have any favourite items you took to Disney? 


  1. I love everything you have chosen. We are in the process of planning Disney this year.
    The minnie headbands would defo be on m packing list for my Four year old and I! x

  2. I haven't taken the kids to Disneyland just yet. I was kind of planning this year but hubby said no. Maybe next year as Chloe will be three then and Matthew 5 1/2. I think I twas 7 or 8 myself when I went.

  3. I'll take one of each of these, especially that super cute Minnie Mouse backpack!

  4. Love everything you've chosen here! We are planning on going to Disney in a couple of years when Freddie is a little older! x

  5. Love all the things you have included, definitely an autograph book and a chunky pen (as it's easier for the characters to grip when signing their autograph), I got that tip when we visited Florida x


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