My New Year Resolutions & Goals For 2017

Happy New Year everyone! 

I've probably said this about 100 times already since midnight but I actually can't believe that it's 2017! Last year flew by in a blink of an eye and sadly I think this year will too, it's true what they say that the years go by quicker the older you get. 2016 wasn't a bad year for us but it wasn't that great either, nothing really happened at all and there were no big changes to our family as such. We don't have much planned for 2017 apart from a couple of holidays but I thought I'd share my New Year Resolutions and goals for 2017 and what I hope to achieve even if I won't stick to them all! 

So here are my plans for the year ahead:

Save money and spend less

I'm sure this is one of most peoples new year resolutions and it's mine every year. But I really do want 2017 to be the year that I manage to save money and be in more control of my finances. I am fine with my bills but I am useless at saving so really want to concentrate on that. I'm also really bad for spending money on crap we don't need and takeaways so will be cutting down on that! 

There are a few ways I hope to achieve this:

1) I am taking part in the 365 day challenge again this year which will see me save £667.95 by the end of next year which will then go towards Christmas presents. I'll be using one of the 99p tins which you have to open with a tin opener so I don't dip into it and I'll also be throwing in any extra change I have too. 

2) I have also set up a standing order of £100 to my savings account each month which is for my house deposit. I started saving towards a deposit last year and I'm hoping by the end of this year I will have hit my minimum target. 

3) I'll also be getting an ASDA savings card which will then be used to Christmas food, drink and toys at the end of the year. I do the weekly shop online at Tesco but I'm always at ASDA picking up something we need every few days so I thought it would be handy to have this and save a minimum of £5 a week. 

4) And the last savings goal I have this year is to check my bank balance every night before bed and transfer what ever is left rounded up under £5 over to a separate savings account. For example if I have £497.90 then I would transfer over the £2.90. If I had £81.34 then I would transfer £1.34. I find this way of saving really easy which soon adds up and as I do a lot of shopping online I tend to have something come out of my bank most days so always have something to transfer. 

Blog more often 

Back in August last year I decided to quit my job and work from home full time. I have been earning a full time income from my blog for nearly 4 years now and apart from when I was on maternity leave with Harry I was always working part time on the side. I've always looked at my blog as my main job as I earned more than double the income than my part time job but by having both of the jobs it enabled me to be secure especially as a single mum as I'm the only one bringing in the money to pay the bills. But back in August some changes happened and I felt that I needed to cut some things out of my life so decided to bite the bullet and leave my job. 

I have now been working from home full time and it's really allowed me to concentrate on my blog more as well as have more family time too. In 2017 I want to blog more maybe not daily like I used to but at least 3-5 times a week again. I really do miss it as it's a hobby I've stuck with for nearly 5 years now. 

Be more organised 

This year I want to be more organised and motivated. I slacked towards the end of last year and I really want 2017 to be the year that I keep on top of my workload. I aim to do this by having a better routine, set working days as well as using planners. I also started a new blog last year which I would like to get back up and running. It's all about saving money so if you're interested in that (who doesn't want to save some money) then you can check it out here

Have more family time

This year I want to get out more and do more things as a family. Especially at the weekends and holidays now that Amelia is at school. Last year I overcame a lot of my anxiety for going out and I'm really glad I did but I don't feel like we really did much. I also want to step out of my comfort zone and take the kids away on my own. I have a few holidays planned in the UK so I hope I don't back out of them. 

Keep on top of the housework

I want to have the house completely clutter free by the summer. I'm giving myself this long as it will be a time consuming task. I am really bad for keeping things that I no longer need or use. My attic is full of crap which I need to to take to the dump and car boot sales. I have started clearing out our bedrooms, my wardrobe and the kitchen and have been taking rubbish to the skip or to charity banks over the past few months but I really want to start being more minimalist and have a tidier house. 

I also want to stay on top of the housework which may sound silly to some of you as you do it every day but I am so lazy and if I have housework or blog work to do then I'd rather be doing blog work or sat or my backside doing nothing. So the housework always gets left to last minute and doesn't get done properly. I've set up a little cleaning schedule which I'm hoping to stick to. 

Look after myself and get healthy

Last year I started taking more care of myself and doing more for myself. I started going to get my nails an eyebrows done which I had never done before and I think it really gave me the confidence to do more for myself. So this year I want to look after myself more and start to eat healthier. I aim to do this by cooking more homemade meals and cutting back on the takeaways. I'm going to try and go the whole month of January without a takeaway or Macdonalds which may sound easy to most of you but I have a chinese takeaway at least once a week and at least two Macdonalds lunches. Then after that perhaps limit it to one a week or month. So it will be pretty hard but I need to be strict with myself as I want to loose at least a stone and it will also help me save money too. 

So there you go, those are my new year resolutions and goals for 2017. I'd love to hear what goals you've made for the year ahead. 


  1. Happy new year, Kerry!

    I love the idea of the 365 days challenge, do you mind if I pinch it? We have quite a few goals in common as I also want to save more, blog more, and be more organised. I have more or less given up on the housework one: I seem to go into a cleaning frenzy from time to time but it feels like my body wants to do it as opposed to my brain!

  2. Some great resolutions here. Love the challenge idea. I was planning on attempting it last year and believe I done well up until February and then I forgot to carry on. I do need to save money this year so may give this a try.

  3. This are great goals and achievable too. You do so much already as a single parent and if I were you I would skip the house work too! Looking forward to seeing how you get on next year and the adventures you go on too x

  4. My main goal is to spend more time with the family and get out more. We spend way too much time indoors. The fact that we moved to a bigger city, there are way more things to do for the kids.


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