Kids Christmas Eve Basket 2016

This is the 4th year I've been making Christmas eve boxes for the kids and a tradition I hope to keep up for many years to come. I love putting together themed baskets throughout the year but Christmas has to be my favourite type! I love waking up on Christmas eve morning and giving them the box and having a day of festiveness at home with them both eating Christmas food, watching Christmas food and wearing festive clothing. This year is going to be even better as Harry is older and understands who Santa is and more about Christmas. 

I thought I'd share what I've put in the kids incase you were thinking of putting together one for your little ones this year to get some inspiration. 

Here's what's inside their basket this year:

Every year I like to include The Night Before Christmas book, a Christmas DVD and a christmas themed colouring book to read, watch and do during the day. I don't think we've ever sat down and watched the whole of Elf so I can't wait to snuggle up on the sofa and watch it together on Christmas eve. 

I can't for the life of me find Amelia's santa plate which she's had for the past three years. I put it somewhere safe she so wouldn't break it and I just can't remember where. I picked up this santa tray from B&M for a pound so I may just use this one this year and then buy a new santa plate with both of their names on for next year. I bought Harry one of these Buddy and Bear Ho Ho Ho plates last year so I thought it would be nice to have another so they can both have festive plates. 

Can't have a Christmas eve box without some festive treats. 

Every year we sprinkle reindeer food out on the doorstep and this year I found these cute little tubes so I bought one each for both of the kids. Now that Harry is older and understands who santa is and more about Christmas this year I can't wait to involve him properly in everything too. 

We've never had a santa key before as we do have a chimney even though it's not a real one and Amelia has clocked on and said that santa wouldn't fit down it. I thought I'd buy a key to keep the magic real and we can leave it with his plate.

I always like to include some sort of christmas clothing other than pyjamas so saw these socks for the kids and couldn't resist! 

This years pyjamas are both from the Matalan #GetYourStripes range which I just had to buy when I caught my eyes on them on Facebook one day. I actually bought myself a pair too, so I can't wait for us all to wear them together. 

I thought these would be cute to leave out on Christmas eve with milk for Santa from the kids and then can also be used for drinks for themselves too. They were only £1 each from B&M 

I couldn't resist buying this tumbler in Matalan the other week and thought it would be nice to leave out some Baileys for santa (ahem...mummy) with the milk, carrot and mince pie, after all he has a lot of work to do! 

I've included this soft toy reindeer in our Christmas eve basket for the past 3 years now and Amelia loved cuddling up with it the first two years and now Harry will be able to too. 

Pyjamas - Matalan 
The Night Before Christmas Book
Christmas colouring book
Elf Buddy's Musical Christmas DVD
Santa plate from B&M
Ho Ho Ho Plate - Buddy and Bear
Socks for Harry - Matalan
Socks for Amelia - Next
Reindeer Soft Toy - John Lewis
Festive friends biscuits - Tesco
Chocolate santas
Santa milk bottles - B&M 
Christmas tumbler - Matalan
Reindeer food

Do you put together a Christmas eve box or basket? I'd love to know!

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  1. I always love your themed baskets and this one is lovely. I have the same tray from B&M for Parker this year, such a bargain. Can't wait to box it all up and enjoy it together xx

  2. I hope there will be more of this type of publication.


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