October Degustabox Review

I have been a fan of Degustabox for about two years now ever since I was first introduced to them back in 2014. We reviewed them for about 6 months and then I continued to buy them monthly after that. I stopped my subscription at the end of last year due to finances however I've recently been looking for some new food and drink to try so when Degustabox got in touch and asked whether we would like to try out their October box we jumped at the chance! I was pleasantly surprised to hear that you can get your first box for just £5.99 when you sign up which is a bargain! I'll talk more about that later but first I thought I'd share with you all what was inside my October box incase any of you were interested in signing up!

Each box included 9-15 items to try out. Some may be brand new and others you may have tried or heard of before. It's a great way to discover new food items and drinks.

This months box contained:
  1. Levi Roots Smokey BBQ Coat ‘n’ Cook
  2. Maggi Fusian Noodles
  3. Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks
  4. Robinsons Squash’d Orange
  5. Heinz Kid’s Dry Pasta Shapes
  6. Heinz Kids Pasta Sauce
  7. Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme
  8. Beloved Date Fruit Hearts
  9. JimJams Less Sugar Milk Chocolate Spread
  10. Pitch Choco Bar
  11. Iam Souper

My kids don't like pasta (I know right!) but I do still offer it to them to see if I can change their mind every now and again. I'm not sure if it's the minion pasta shapes but Amelia ate all of her dinner which is a first. The smooth tomato pasta sauce goes perfect with these pasta shapes and contains 0% added salt or sugar which is good to know! There was enough sauce for the packet of pasta even with lots of veggies added in. I will defintiely be purchasing this again.

The Levi Roots Smokey BBQ sauce was put to good use for a pulled pork sandwich last month. It was a bit spicy so if your kids aren't a fan of spicy food I wouldn't recommend the sauce but it was full of flavour and I can't wait to try it again with chicken next time. I don't really like BBQ sauce but I don't mind it so much as a sauce to a dish. 

Maggi is a brand which we have tried many a time before in the kitchen and one we keep going back to. I was pleased to see these Fusian noodles included in this months box and couldn't wait to try them out. They reminded me of supernoodles but a lot nicer and more flavoursome. Amelia even enjoyed the sweet chilli one. 

A firm favourite in this months box was the Hershey's cookies 'n' cream king size bar. I can't believe that I've never tried Hershey's before but this bar was demolished in one sitting and we have since purchased more as it's that good! 

I'm not a fan of dates so I gave these to the kids who didn't have a clue they were dates either and Amelia even said "I love these chocolate hearts mummy" so I wasn't going to tell her otherwise she would turn her nose up at them. They are 100% natural and come in a range of different flavours to try. 

I'm not really one for soup unless its chicken and sweetcorn from the chinese but thought I'd give this a go. To be honest it wasn't my cup of tea as it was very bland. But I've been told that the Pulled Pork & Jalepeno flavour has more of a kick to it so I am on the look out for it at my supermarket to try. There are also a few more flavours to so I'd definitely recommend giving them a go as they ar high in protein which will keep you fuller for longer. Perfect for a light lunch meaning you won't need to snack mid afternoon! 

I'll let you into a secret, I'm not really a fan of Nutella and have never sat and eaten it with a spoon out of the jar like many people I know do. But I thought I'd give this a go as it contains 88% less fat which is kinder on kids teeth and has no added sugar. It's perfect slathered on toast, pancakes and used when baking. It also comes in hazelnut chocolate spread which I must pick up when I'm next at Tesco. 

These Yushoi snapea rice sticks are a great healthy alternative to crisps, unfortunately I don't like them. Maybe because I don't like peas but the flavour is too bland for me. However the kids demolished these in one sitting so I will defintiely be picking some more up soon and will have to see if they come in other favours. 

At first I wasn't too sure what to make of these as I'm not a fan of brioche or chocolate on bread. However they were actually really nice and an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast. The kids loved them and you can also put them in the microwave or oven for a warm melty treat. These packs come in handy individually wrapped rolls which are great when out and about. 

These Squash'd travel sized pots are perfect for when on the go as you can chuck one in your handbag and not have to lug around kids juice bottles all day. Instead you can fill up a water bottle when needed and add a splash of this for flavouring. We recently went on holiday and it came in so handy for the plane and whilst at the resort. 

I really enjoyed this months box especially as there were more food items to try out apposed to drinks. Our favourites were the Hershey's bar and Jim Jam's spread. 

The total retail price of the box was £21.97 which is fantastic considering the box usually costs £12.99 a month with free delivery. However you can get your first box today for just £5.99 with the code XA1EX giving you a whooping £7 off! I find these great not only for myself but also as a gift for family and friends. 

Sign up to Degustabox here.


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