5 Hidden Gems You Can Find in North Wales

Ugly House, near North Wales Caravan Parks

North Wales is known for its spectacular landscapes, scenic coastal views, wildlife and quaint little towns. With so much to do within the region, it is not surprising that certain areas and attractions get missed when planning a trip out. Below are 5 hidden gems which you may not have heard of.

1 – The Hidden Castle

You can find The Hidden Castle deep within Wepre Park. Its real name is Ewole Castle, and is a relic of the short lived victory the Welsh Price, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, had over the Anglo-Norman Marcher Lords. The castle is strategically positioned and is near to the English border. This castle has now turned to ruins, but it would be a perfect place for a family walk, and a fun place to explore.

2 – The Haunted Lighthouse

Okay, so Halloween has long gone, but Talacre Beach Lighthouse is famous for its ghostly sightings. This building is often overlooked when visiting North Wales. It is located on the sand dunes in Talacre Village, Flintshire. The lighthouse was built in 1776 and provides the perfect photo opportunity.

3 – Dyserth Falls

This 60ft waterfall is located near the village of Dyserth and is an impressive natural landmark to visit. Visitors can get up close to the waterfall, and there is also a path which will take you to the top. This spectacular landmark is free, but donations are welcomed, you will see an ‘honesty box’ floating around. Dyseth Falls is a great location for a family picnic as well, so pack some goodies if you plan to visit.

4 – Roman Bath House

If you are after some history, head to Prestatyn and find the ruins of the Roman Bathhouse. The bath house was supposedly built around 120 AD and was extended in 150 AD. Excavations in 1984 unearth the Roman settlement, and this can now be viewed by the public.

5 – The Ugly House

No-one quite knows who actually built this unique cottage, but legends say it dates back to 1475, when two brothers built themselves a hideaway in the Snowdonia’s forest. It has now been transformed into a quaint tearoom, which sells homemade goodies. The Ugly House is situated in Ty Hyll. If you are planning a family getaway, North Wales caravan parks are a great place for all the family to explore North Wales, with fascinating ancient culture and heritage wherever you turn. 


  1. Some great places here. We live just 10 mins away from Dyserth falls, and it still takes ny breath away everytime we see them

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