Laminate Flooring for your Home

If you are looking to remodel the floors in your home laminate flooring is a great choice. Here we explain why that is, and show you how to buy the right type for each room.

A fantastic choice of styles and textures 

Modern manufacturing techniques mean that you can buy laminate flooring in practically any finish. The most popular look is still wood effect, but it is also available in a wide range of tile or stone finishes. 

Laminated flooring is made of fibreboard, and resin, that is compressed together to form planks. The top layer consists of a layer of highly durable material onto which a pattern has been applied. Modern photographic techniques are used to recreate practically any look or finish you need. 


One of the best things about laminate flooring is that it is not expensive. In fact, it is one of the cheapest ways to lay new floors in your home. 

Easy to install 

If you install it yourself, it is even cheaper. Fortunately, laying a laminate floor is not difficult. Most DIY fans can easily lay a kitchen floor in just a couple of hours. 

There really is no need to pay a contractor to do it for you. It can be laid over the top of virtually any type of subfloor, and the fact that it all clicks together makes it easy to get a good finish.


Modern laminate flooring is extremely durable, provided you buy the best quality products. 

Easy to change 

When you are fed up with the way a room looks, it does not take long to get the floor up and replace it. If you pull it up carefully, you can often re-use it elsewhere in your home, or give it to a friend. Of course, it will not look quite as good as the original floor, and you are bound to damage some of the planks as you take them up. Therefore, you will only be able to use it in a smaller room than the original one, but recycling it is better than throwing it away. 

Easy to care for 

The other great thing about laminate flooring is that it is easy to maintain. All you need to do is to sweep it regularly and occasionally run over it with a damp mop. There is no need to periodically strip it back to paint, or wax it. 

Feels good underfoot 

It is never nice to have to walk around on a cold floor. This is not a problem with laminate flooring, because it is temperature neutral, so it always feels warm underfoot. 

Buying laminate flooring 

As you can see this type of flooring has a lot going for it. Unsurprisingly, it has become increasingly popular since it first became available, in 1977. 

However, when buying laminate flooring it is important to buy the right type. You need to buy from a well-established manufacturer that offers a proper warranty. If you buy online, we recommend sticking to those companies that will send you samples. That way you can see the flooring before you buy, and check its quality.

Do you have laminate flooring in your home?


  1. We do have some laminate - I really do like it. I definitely agree with seeing samples before buying. Not all laminates are the same definitely.

  2. We should think wise when we are going to choose a flooring. As there are several options for flooring, but the most important fact is repair and maintenance and it is less require in wood or laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is quite easy to install and easy to repair, due to its durability and cost effective nature, people are now days start using laminate flooring.
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