8 Essential Items for the Gentleman in Your Life

A man feels less a man when he can’t have his toys. Some toys are better than others, and sometimes it can be hard for women to figure out exactly what a man is looking for. 

This isn’t running off to the local drug store or just ordering something online of the same old brands. Your men want something that is just theirs. While knowing your man is your job, here are some helpful ideas. 

Whether you prefer old-school and classic items or modern, cutting-edge gadgets, there’s something for everyone on our list. 

8 Essential Items For a Modern Gentleman

1. Shower Set 

It all starts in the bathroom. In the hot shower that will steam up the house if the door is left open. Anyone who enters the bathroom while the man is taking a shower will likely equate it to walking into a sauna of uncomfortable proportions. 

Every man should have their own shower set; the body wash, the shampoo, and the conditioner. Don’t let them get the heavily scented stuff either. It will ruin just about every cologne that they put on afterward when the ritual is done. The shower should work hand in hand with the finishing touches of a cologne, not interfere with it. 

The Nivea Men Regime Gift Set is a great way to start. An all-in-one body wash, shampoo, and conditioner to start off the day. It continues with a deep cleansing facial wash which will leave your skin feeling quite fresh. It doesn’t have an overpowering scent so that you will be able to smell your finishing touches of cologne over the included deodorant. 

2. A Shaving Kit 

Now that the shower is done and the pores open, it’s time for that shave. The timelessness of habitual shaving gave rise to electric razors that take forever to adjust to and may not work as wanted; and the plethora of multi bladed razors can be just as bad. Regardless of your preference, a shaving kit is a must-have in any man’s arsenal. Hot shaves will never go out of style and thankfully, you can have one in the comfort of your own home. 

This luxury shave kit includes a badger brush, soap, and mug to mix up a thick lather. The stand can hold a brush and a razor and the soap is made from hypo-allergenic ingredients that won’t irritate your skin. 

3. A Razor 

No shaving kit would be complete without a razor, whether you prefer the razors of the modern mankind or if you lean to the tried and true straight razor. Both should give you a perfect shave, eliminating all the unwanted hairs to keep your face nice and smooth. 

Consider Gillette Fusion Proshield Men's Razor with Flexball Handle if you like the convenience of modern day razors for a smooth shave that adapts to the contours of your face perfectly. It also included 2 refills to last you longer. 

If you’re more of a classical guy, invest in a stainless steel straight razor. 

4. A Shave Balm 

With the shaving deed completed, it’s time for some aftercare. The act of shaving itself can and will irritate the skin. Having been heat prepped in the shower, it starts to reduce how badly your skin is irritated; but now it’s time for the after shave or moisturizing cream or balm. ManCave Natural Post Shave Balm is truly a gift with essential oils like witch hazel to reduce inflammation and Copper PCA to speed the healing. 

5. A Grooming Kit 

If your man isn’t aiming for a clean shaven face, or if you prefer him with a little fuzz; then the BaByliss 10-1 Groomer is the perfect accessory. With several different guards for keeping the facial hair at varied lengths of choice, or to clip those pesky nose and ear hairs. No man should be wearing those hairs. Otherwise, this is the perfect addition for almost all your other hair grooming needs. 

6. Gold Bond 

The face has been done, it is the sculpted perfection of manliness. We are still steaming hot from our shower so it’s time add a timeless classic that should be a staple in every household where a man is present. Gold Bond is a powder from the gods. It doesn’t have a strong scent so it is masked by any cologne, and it helps keep the body dry and cool. It reduces the stench that can be found when men take off their shoes and socks. A little of this stuff goes a long way. It’s found in many locker rooms for a reason. 

7. Hair Styling Gel 

Now that most of the body and the face is completely ready for the day, men really should do something with the mop on top. Haircuts of different styles require different grooming techniques, but it’s not the grooming techniques that come into play, it’s that neon coloured goop that most men have. It’s time to get rid of it, you aren’t preteens or teenagers; you are a man. Avoid the helmet hair and get something to give yourself a matte finish that isn’t going to make you look like a cartoon character. 

8. Cologne 

All this has been leading up to the final touch of cologne for men. Men usually have a favourite and wear that one every day, every day of the year. Men really should break that habit because some scents do better in the colder months and others during the warmer months. Not every cologne is friendly on every man; so a woman’s touch can be very useful. Ideally men should have 4 different colognes; one for everyday wear in spring and summer, another for everyday wear in autumn and a complimentary set for special occasions. 

A lighter scent is better during the warmer months, while a fuller bodied scent is better during the colder months. There’s nothing wrong with having a signature scent either, but sometimes you may want to change it up. 

We hope that you found our list as enjoyable to read as we did to write. Which cologne did you finish with? Did you enjoy the shave? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


  1. A gentleman is always characterized by the charisma and positive influence on the others. So many students today are trying to look gorgeous more than elegant. And it deters them from becoming popular among fellows.


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