5 Reasons To Visit Mauritius With Kids

When you think of Mauritius most people think of a relaxing holiday at a 5* resort usually without children. However, I wouldn't cross it off the list if it was somewhere you wish to holiday if you do have kids as there are many child-friendly resorts on the island. There is so much to do and see in Mauritius especially on an all inclusive break so here are 8 reasons why you should visit Mauritius with children.

1. There are many stunning beaches to choose from

Mauritius may be a small island however it is renown for its beautiful pristine beaches. The west coast is the calmest with stretched of white sand. The shallow waters make it perfect for children. The south is famous for it hidden rocky coves and underwater attractions such as the glass-bottomed boat and there are plenty of places to snorkel. 

2. Experience different cultures 

The island is a racial potpourri of Creole, Indian, French and Chinese; so mosques, pagodas and Hindu temples are scattered around making it a great way to introduce your kids to different cultures! It's great for children to experience different cultures when they are young.

3. Try new cuisine 

The local cuisine in Mauritius is a mix of Creole, Chinese, European, Indian and African. Most of the hotel resorts offer a Mauritian buffet at least once a week so this is a great way to allow your kids to expand their taste buds. Locals tend to eat a lot of fish dishes with lentils and vegetables, tomato based chicken and meat dishes, grilled food, seafood and chicken curry so you're bound to find something that they'll like. 

4. Many child friendly resorts to choose from 

When travelling I prefer to stay in all inclusive resorts, especially when travelling with kids. Hotel resorts are the way to go to enjoy your stay. Any 4 or 5 star hotel in Mauritius will have many facilities such as kids clubs, baby sitter services, evening entertainments, prime beaches and a fantastic selection at the buffets with lots of different cuisines to try. Mauritius is a favourite holiday destination for both honeymooners and young families so the resorts cater for all. 

5. There are plenty of activities for children

Not only is Mauritius full of beauty and luxury, it also has an array of exciting activities making it the perfect holiday destination for families. If it happens to be a rainy day or you want to avoid the sun for a few hours during the hottest time of the day why not head out on an excursion or to one of Mauritius' many parks. There are plenty to choose from including the Aquarium, Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park, Safari and Bird Park, Undersea walk, Casela Nature Park. 

Mauritius is a rare place that combines culture with relaxation, in addition to an extremely warm and welcoming people. It's definitely worth a visit, for you and the kids.

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Thinking of visiting Mauritius? Here are 5 reasons why you should visit with kids!

If you're thinking of planning a holiday to Mauritius check out the Mauritius Tourism website for lots of helpful advice and tips


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