10 Things You DON'T Need To Buy For Your Baby

As a first time parent you may be into thinking that you need to buy a ton of stuff for your newborn. Yes babies can be expensive, but they don't need to be. With new and initiative items on the market every year it can be hard to know what your baby will need and what they will actually use. I bought so many different baby items with both of my children which ended up never being used and are still in the back of my wardrobe or end up on eBay as they were either gathering dust or a complete waste of money.

I recently came across this What not to buy baby video from B and found it to be very true. When Amelia was born I went out and bought everything I had heard good things about or seen in baby magazines not taking into account whether we'd actually need it or even use it. There were so many thing we didn't use and I really wish I had seen a video like this before hand to save me from wasting my money and I could have put some in savings instead.

Here are 10 things that you don't need to buy for your baby:

1. A changing table

There's really no need to buy an extra piece of furniture which will take up room and then not be used once they turn 1, especially if you're short for space. It makes more sense to buy a changing table/dresser combination which has drawers underneath for baby's clothes, nappies and wipes and then the changing pad on top. You could also change your child on the floor on a soft blanket or changing mat instead which will save you money.

2. The most expensive travel system

As nice as it is to have the latest most popular travel system for your new bundle of joy, you can find others which are just as great for less than half of the price of the most expensive one! What's the point in spending £800 where you could spend £300 on the full bundle and save yourself some money on other things?

3. Lots of bottles

Many people find one brand they like or come across and stock up on dozens of bottles in every size available. This is a big mistake, as you don't even know if your baby will take that bottle and then you've wasted money buying them all. You might even decide you want to give breastfeeding a go and won't even use the bottles. I'd recommend choosing 3-4 brands and perhaps buying just one or two bottles from each range as you can always give these to friends if your baby doesn't take to them. 

4. Nappy bin 

What's the point in having another item in the nursery taking up space which also stinks? What's wrong with simply putting the used nappy in a nappy bag and taking it out to the trash bin? When you think of how many bin liners you'll need over time and the initial cost of the bin, it's simply not worth wasting your money on. Instead stock up on nappy bags which cost around 99p for 100! 

5. A bottle warmer 

Some people may find this useful, however I bought one and never used it once. Harry never needed his bottles to be warm and would drink them cold or room temperature. But you could just run downstairs and use the microwave for 30 seconds. 

6. Hundreds of pairs of Socks 

I bought far too many pairs of socks for both of my kids, which never got worn especially as their feet grow so fast. I must have given away at least a hundred pairs over the years. 

7. Wipe Warmer 

This is another unnecessary purchase, what's the point getting your baby used to warm wipes when you won't always be changing your baby's bum at home. What they don't know won't harm them. Wipes shouldn't be that cold anyway and you could always leave then next to a radiator if you really want to warm them up. 

8. Baby food processor 

Why do you need a special food processor to make baby food? They clutter up your kitchen, cost money and a normal mini food processor does the exact same thing! You can use a regular blender or a magic bullet which is small and easy to clean.

9. Shoes

When I was pregnant with my eldest, I went out and bought lots of shoes in every colour and pattern to match her wardrobe. Clearly I didn't know she wouldn't need them until she started walking at 10 months so they were a complete waste of money. Of course it's nice to pair them up with a nice outfit for a special occasion but other than that personally I don't think they're necessary at all. 

10. Random gadgets

These days there are various gadgets in the shops ranging from boogie wipes to baby bottle drying racks. There's things to go in your changing bag, accessories for pushchairs as well as sound machines for the nursery. If you think back to twenty years or so ago your parents didn't use them, and you turned out just fine. Of course its great that people have thought of these products to help in your babies first year but you don't really need these gadgets clogging up your bag or drawers.

Honestly, you'd be better off saving your money and perhaps investing it into savings for your child's future! 

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What did you regret splashing out on for your baby? 


  1. do they actually make wipe warmers? I was joking with my SIL last week that baby Mia's wipes are cold on her wee b*m and she needs a warmer for them.....did not know they existed.

  2. I bought a really expensive baby bouncer and a swing, then realised you can buy them together. Parent fail. Really great post!

    Georgina Clarke – Pregnancy & Baby Blog

  3. I learnt all of this by making the mistake and buying it all with my first. Doh!
    hahaha! I didn't even know that a Wipe Warmer was a real thing. That is ridiculous....

  4. I was quite lucky in that we are minimalists (Swedish husband and Scandi home aesthetic) so we didn't attempt any on this list at all! The wipe warmer seems unnecessary especially as if I felt the wipes were too cold I placed them in between my boobs whilst I prepped my sons bottom anyway! www.whiitelist.com

  5. I bought a cheap travel system which was only 400 EUR. We still have it now. So it means it doesn't have to cost the world. I don't know why you would need a nappy bin. With my first born I bought him pre walkers.. like soft shoes... did we ever use them? Of course not lol

  6. I am so guilty of #9 - shoes. Now that my little one is 10 months old and trying to walk, we are finally putting shoes on her. All those tiny shoes before? They just sat there. But, they sure are adorable! :)

  7. I've two babies well preschoolers but how the blub have I never heard of a wipe warmer. The stuff they think of.

  8. Great article! Nappy bins for me are a no no - why have a smelly bin in the nursery? xx

  9. I regret buying an old fashioned pram hardly used it baby was a cryer so carried him in a sling until he got too heavy

  10. Keep posting the good work. Some really helpful information in there. Bookmarked. Nice to see your site. Thanks! baby fles


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