The Best Kitchen Faucets

Are you looking for a kitchen faucet? It is good to know about the different types of faucets so that you can make an informed decision. All of them differ in their functionality and should be chosen carefully. They include: 

Pull down kitchen faucet 

This is a very practical faucet, because you can pull the spray wand into the kitchen sink for widespread use. Whether you are cleaning utensils or washing veggies, this faucet is great. When you pull it down, you should get water wherever you need.

Pull out kitchen faucet 

When you pull this faucet, the spray wand comes straight towards you. It is, therefore, efficient for filling pots and pans. A pull out faucet has a hose and spread head to make the spout reach the kitchen sink more comfortably. With the press of a button, you can switch the spray from aerated stream to spray. Most of these faucets allow for a 360-degree swivel, giving you better access to all places. If you are looking for contemporary kitchen faucets with sprayer, a pull out is the best option. 

Faucets with side spray 

Single-handed faucets are the most widely used type of faucets. They are basic with a low spout and single lever control. These faucets come with a side spray, which is much cheaper than pull out or pull down kitchen faucets. What is the main advantage of this faucet? It allows you to get a classic or vintage look in your kitchen faucet as well as a sprayer. This faucet requires more than one hole in your countertop. 

Widespread faucet with two handles 

This faucet comes with separate handle controls for regulating cold and hot water. It is basically two faucets except that it is widespread – meaning that the handles are not joined to the spout lying above the sink top. For this faucet, you need more than two holes on your kitchen sink. 

Wall mount kitchen faucet 

These faucets are mounted to the wall to give your kitchen a custom look. Where is it placed? The faucet is mounted above the sink. The main advantage of this faucet is that it makes your countertop easier to clean. If you are building your kitchen anew, wall mount faucets give a good transitional-period design. You should note that when remodelling, you would need to have some drywall and plumbing work done because the water supply extends above the countertop on the wall. 

Faucet with water fillers 

You should buy filtration faucets if you want to filter the water going through your kitchen faucet. This filtration unit is installed below the sink. Choose a finish that matches your kitchen design. Seeing as people spend a lot of money on packaged drinking water, you should invest in a filtration system because it is cheaper. 

Pot filler faucet 

Pot filling faucets are designed to give commercial grade utility to home chefs. This is because the faucet is perfectly designed for wall mount installation. If you are a chef looking for this faucet, you will find a wide variety of styles to match your kitchen décor. 

Two handle faucet with centerset 

It comes with water flow and temperature adjustment with separate cold and hot controls. They not only come with a great look that resembles rustic kitchen designs but also with quarter turn ceramic cartridges for controlling the water flow. The two handles are both connected to a faucet placed above the sink top. This is known as centerset. Typically, this faucet requires more than three holes in the sink.


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