Me & Mine July 2016

I can't believe that we're already nearly three weeks into the summer holidays, this month has just flown by and Amelia will be back at school and starting reception class is no time! We've not really been up to much this past month apart from getting out to the shops, a walk or to the park. I'm hoping the weather cheers up a bit and we can get to the beach next month. I do have a few things planned so hopefully we can get out and do some of them before school starts again. 

This month Mummy is loving...

Reading again now that I have more time to myself
Having both of the kids at home for the holidays
Taking time off from blogging
Drinking more water 
Eating healthier again
Watching more shows on Netflix
No school runs! 

Amelia is loving... 

Getting outdoors 
Spending more time with Harry 
Trying new food
Having a sleepover at Nana's house 
Choosing Christmas presents with mummy
Seeing a school friend at the park
Spending time with her great grandparents

Harry is loving...

Watching Peppa Pig 
Dancing to anything on the radio
Playing with Snapchat fillers 
Sleeping in his big boy bed
Stealing all of Amelia's toys
Climbing up on the window sill 
Waving and saying bye to everyone
Repeating everything his big sister says

This months photo was a last minute one again even though we've been out quite a lot this past month and had many opportunities to get a me and mine photo I just find it really awkward trying to get them in public. Especially if I need to get the tripod out and then the hassle of trying to get the camera settings right whilst keeping an eye on a toddler who likes to run off and then who won't sit still or look at the camera whilst trying to get the other one to sit next to us ha! 

Maybe I need to hire someone to come along with me so we don't look so silly, I guess it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't just the three of us. But I did manage to get these whilst at my parents house today, even though they're pretty awful it's still nice that we have a photo of us all together each month to look back on. Hopefully I'll be braver next time and get some with a nicer background at the beach or when we're out walking. Does anyone else have that problem? Or do you just not care what people think, I hope I'm not the only one who feels like that. 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Mine are always last minute except this month as I knew we would be away from daddy for two months I thought I would capture us at the beginning of July so he could join in but next month we will be solo. I am the same in public I find it hard to pull out my tripod and captures some. Ours this month was the first time I did it and even though I got a few stares and comments as people in the park walked by they are my new faves so i am hoping to do it more in the future. It's a funny feeling though when you are setting up and the kids are running around everywhere I can relate. lol Ask a friend or relative to come for a walk with you and get them to help. I bribe my kids and bribe my husband when he won't cooperate too. He is the hardest of all to get to take a photo. hahahah Lovely month babes. #meandmineproject

  2. These are lovely Kerry! Never worry about what other people think, it's your family photo, your memories together. I can imagine it must be really hard to set it all up though! Even if you use a flip screen camera or your iPhone, you'd still have lovely photos! xx

  3. These are wonderful family photos and lovely post our twin girls start full time school in September so this summer is very important for us thank you for sharing loved reading it :)

  4. Aw I think these photos are lovely Kerry! Lovely memory too like you said. I usually put it on automatic when I am out on my own, cheating I know but it makes it easier and the photos still come out lovely. xx

  5. Just amazing moments!!!
    Yeah July the month of summer with overwhelming number of outdoor activities. Love the way you spent time with your children. I’m sure that when your son and daughter growth old enough to understand what this website is about they have to appreciate you very much. You have taken care of their hobbies very well. So all the loved things of three all have been written and hope that this list shall be more interesting.

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  7. I love these photos Kerry! We always forget and often end up taking a selfie which I hate - it can be so hard to get a photo xx

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