A Woman's Guide To Buying Clothes As A Gift For Their Loved One

Choosing the right gift for your loved one - whether they are a boyfriend, husband, father, mother, child or any other relative or special someone in your life - can be so difficult anyway. However, it can be even more so when it is clothing that you are looking to purchase. 

Thankfully, it's not a completely impossible task to purchase a great clothing-related gift. Follow the below tips to ensure that you buy clothes your loved one will proudly wear time and time again.

Carefully consider their style 

Choosing the right style has to be the trickiest aspect of buying clothing for a loved one - it's such a personal thing, that it's sometimes extremely difficult to get a sense in advance of whether the recipient will like a certain garment. 

The only thing that you can really do is narrow things down as far as you can, to maximise the likelihood that their response will be a good one. Do they always wear certain colours? Are they into stripes, patterns or blocks of colour? If you are buying for a woman, do they favour heels or flats? If it's a guy you are shopping for, are they a jeans or trousers man? 

Check, double check and triple check their size 

Come to think of it, getting the size right might be even tougher than buying the right clothing style. Probably the worst thing that you can do in this department is buy something too big, given the potential to offend your dear loved one forever. However, getting them something too small is far from ideal, either - they might even think you are trying to signal to them that they need to lose weight! 

If you don't want the recipient to know in advance that you will be buying clothing for them, all is not lost. You may be able to steal a quick look inside their wardrobe while they aren't around, or you could call fellow friends or family members to get them to do the same. 

When it's a man you're buying for, the rules change slightly... 

I do have a little 'previous' in this area, having previously compiled 5 tips on how to buy clothes for your boyfriend/partner a few years ago. The advice that I gave back then continues to hold true - men just aren't the same as we ladies, with their choosiness making them notoriously difficult to buy clothing for at times. 

However, it's not beyond the realms of possibility to buy a man something a little bit 'different' to their usual get-up that they will still love. One good tip is to stick to more traditional menswear brands known for their rugged, durable and practical clothing - Dickies shirts, for example, are available in a wide range of timeless and universally appealing designs and colours that few men are likely to reject. 

One last thing... keep the receipt! 

More than that, make it a gift receipt if possible. A gift receipt is a type of receipt that doesn't include the price of the original item and gives your loved one the option to return your gift discreetly to the store and swap it for something they do like. 

It's worth the effort to help ensure that your own money isn't wasted and your loved one ends up with a clothing item that they really do love, even if you weren't the one who chose it! 

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  1. it's such a personal thing, that it's sometimes extremely difficult to get a sense in advance of whether the recipient will like a certain garment.


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