The Bugaboo Buffalo | Review

You may remember a few months ago we shared our initial thoughts on the Bugaboo Buffalo, well we have now been using it for a good four months and I thought I'd share our thoughts on it now. My initial thoughts of the Buffalo were that it was stylish and modern yet versatile and compact making it the ideal pushchair for every day use. Whether that be nipping to the shops or a walk in the country side. I needed something which would easily fit in the back of our boot and fold away neatly when indoors, the Buffalo ticks all of those boxes which is why I fell in love with it instantly! 

We still have Harry in the parent facing position as I like to talk to him on our adventures however I have noticed he'll lean forward a lot and tends to hold onto the frame like pictured above. If I recline the seat he'll just fuss until I sit him upright again, but he did used to like that position. So maybe it's time for me to switch him to forward facing as the seat does look slightly awkward when he's sat upright. I had to remove the bar as he would chew on it and end up with black bits in his mouth, but I guess as he gets bigger he'll no longer be able to reach the bar to do that so I can put it back on. There's still plenty of room for him to grow into the pushchair and I think Harry is around average height and weight for his age so I'm glad we can get a lot of use out of it. 

Lots of great colours to choose from
Can be folded down into two pieces by removing the seat if you're limited for storage 
Stands on its own when folded down
It can be adapted to use with a car seat- great for nipping to the shops
The basket underneath is very spacious and easy to get to
The canopy unzips and expands a lot, which is great if you've forgotten your rain cover or just want some extra shelter from the wind or use as a sun canopy
It's easy to switch the seat from forward to rear facing
Adjustable handle bar - great if you're smaller than your partner or vice versa 
Rotating carry handing meaning easy access to get your child out 

It does take up a lot of room when folded down into one piece, especially for small boots. The seat may have to go elsewhere and you may need to remove the wheels
You do have to purchase car seat adapters separately 
It's quite heavy especially if you're carrying a little one in tow or a changing bag it's quite difficult so needs two hands

As you can see there aren't may cons to this pushchair, I can definitely deal with it being heavier than a normal pushchair as this is such a clever pushchair and made of high quality. I only wish that I had found something like this when I was pregnant with Amelia as I know for sure it would have lasted. 

I love how easy the pushchair is to steer and push even with a full shopping basket underneath which is useful when Amelia wants to hold my hand whilst walking like she sometimes does. I love the design of the Buffalo and it suits us perfectly. The Buffalo does come with a bassinet, however when it arrived Harry was sitting up and didn't like to lie down so we've never got to use it. I did put it together to see how it went on the base and I was really impressed with how easy it was to switch from a seat to bassinet. 

The 5 point harness is really easy to open and close and you don't have to fiddle with sliding the top straps into the side ones to clip together, you simply clip each one in individually. It also comes loose just as easy with the click of the button. The straps are also really easy to adjust as your child grows. 

I really like the seat of the Buffalo as it is actually like a seat, compared to some pushchairs where the seat is just slanted. There is still plenty of room for Harry to grow and he will then be able to rest his feet at the base of the seat. He always looks comfortable when out and about although he is getting to that stage where he is wanting to walk everywhere so does tend to get a bit fidgety after a while. 

As I've already mentioned that I really like the shopping basket on the Buffalo and have never struggled to fit anything in it. It's easy to access no matter what position the seat is in too which is always a bonus. We've been on days out where we've had a large changing bag, all of our coats, the rain cover, a picnic bag and a blanket underneath and there was still room! 

I really wanted to show you just how versatile the pushchair is across all terrains however we've not had any snow this winter and the ground has been pretty dry when ever we've been out walking in the countryside. I have tested it across sand and the woodland which was made easy with the safely wrist strap which allows you to push the back wheels forward and pull the pushchair across difficult terrain with your tot still sat in their seat. 

The Bugaboo Buffalo isn't the cheapest pushchair on the market, but if you're after something which will last years and is modern and stylish, yet practical and compact then the Buffalo is for you. The Buffalo is available to purchase here from £905. You can also purchase a variety of accessories to customise your Buffalo which makes it all the more exciting!

Disclaimer - I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network Research Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. I received the Bugaboo Buffalo for the purpose of this review.


  1. I love the look of this buggy even though it does look a bit bulky. Our little man has Autism so has to be in a buggy for longer than most so due to his size we have to stick with a bugger buggy weather than a little stroller. This looks fab

  2. Love the look of this pram. Looks pretty similar to the one I had when Elliw was a baby. Can't wait to go pram shopping soon!

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