Spring Cleaning Checklist For Busy Mums

Spring Cleaning Checklist For Busy Mums- Spring Cleaning made easy!

So spring officially begun here on March 30th in the UK, even if the weather is all over the place! Many people start spring cleaning in the run up, however if you've left it late like myself or are just wanting some cleaning tips then keep reading as I'll be sharing my Spring Cleaning checklist with you all today. After all it's never too late to start spring cleaning!

Being a busy mum and always on the go, I have to be honest and say I don't often have much time to clean. Of course I do the obvious such as the kitchen floors, hoover the house and dust but I rarely have time to do all the little jobs. Which is why a checklist like this is good for busy mums like myself, as you can do one task or room a day and check it off as you go along. It could take you a week or a month to do, there's not really any rush to complete as long as it gets done.

Spring Cleaning Checklist For Busy Mums- Spring Cleaning made easy!

1. Deep clean your fridge and freezer by removing all items and giving it a thorough clean. You could also defrost your freezer at this time too. 
2. Organise your food cupboards by firstly removing all items and cleaning then, then put them back in neatly. 
3. Whilst doing so you should be able to see which foods have expired and need binning or whether you can donate anything to a local food bank.
4. Deep clean all small kitchen appliances such as the microwave, kettle, toaster. 
5. Give your oven and stove top a deep clean, leaving any product on it overnight
6.Empty all of your kitchen cabinets and tidy your pots, pans and plates. Also give them a thorough clean too. 
7. Deep clean your dishwasher and use any rinse aid needed to keep it sparkling clean.
8. Give your trash bins and kitchen bin a good clean to get rid of any bad odours. 

1. Clean under all beds and remove any clutter, then re-organise it as you put everything back.
2. Organise wardrobes and dressers. Decide what you need to donate, bin or keep. 
3. Declutter of anything you no longer need and put in the attic or to go to the skip.
4. Deep clean your mattress and pillows. 
5. Clean any mirrors 
6. Flip your mattress
7. Wash curtains and any other furnishings
8. Clean doors and skirting boards. 

Living Room and rest of the house
1. Dust all furniture and fixtures.
2. Clean all skirting boards of any dust and debris. 
3. Wipe down all surfaces and tidy away anything lying around.
4. Clean your windows inside so they're free of any finger prints. Also wipe down all windowsills. 
5. Was your cushions covers and throws so they're smell fresh and looking brand new.
6. Wipe down your sofa to get rid of any marks. If you have a cover to protect it then give it a wash. 7. Dust, clean and hoover under any furniture to ensure theres no bits lying around. 
8. Clean all curtains and rugs. You could take these to the dry cleaners or clean them yourself at home.
9. Mop and hoover all floors around the house, upstairs and downstairs including the hallway and porch. 
10. Dust and wipe down all walls and fixtures
11. Give your hallway a tidy up and dust any furniture
12. Wipe down doors and door knobs.
13. Declutter and decide what you need to get rid of, sell or keep. 

1. Clean shower curtain or replace if needed
2. Sort out toiletries and get rid of anything that needs binning 
3. Clean toilet and sink thoroughly 
4. Deep clean the floor, mop and hoover 
5. Clean any mirrors
6. Wash bath mats and replace
7. Clean down all counter tops and windows 
8. Clean the extractor fan if you have one and get rid of all dust
9. Deep clean the shower and scrub the tiles

1. Wipe down the washing machine and dryer, clean out any condensation boxes and also clean inside the drum doors. 
2. Clean the vacuum and wipe down all cleaning supplies 
3. Clean the laundry room floor and skirting boards if you have one 
4. Organise all cleaning supplies and remove any empty bottles 
5. Organise your linen closet.

Hopefully this list will help you tackle each room when you make a start on your spring cleaning this year. You can print out a Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable by clicking on the image above or by clicking here.

Homeserve have also put together a little video on their Spring cleaning tips which you can view here if you're wanting some more tips and ideas.

What are your go-to cleaning methods for spring cleaning?

* In collaboration with Homeserve. For details on how I work with brands take a look at my work with me page.


  1. If you do a general cleaning checklist - jobs to do each day, week, month or whatever I will love you forever and I will use it religiously! x

  2. Great list, I am incredibly OCD, so most of this happens bi weekly! Love Method products! x

  3. Ahhh too much stuff, i'm stressed just looking at it! Haha, think i'm gonna have to print this off and stick it my wall to keep me organised for the rest of the year! x

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