Get At Least £45 FREE CASH By Signing Up To Quidco

Get At Least £45 FREE CASH By Signing Up To Quidco.com

How would you like to earn at least £45 in cash absolutely free?? Well first of all you need to be signed up Quidco which is a cashback site. You can sign up here. I signed up to Quidco around 4 years ago and made about £20 in those four years, however only really started using it to it's full potential at the beginning of last year. Since then I have earned over £1000 cash back last year alone! I've always done the majority of my shopping online and when I discovered that I hadn't been using Quidco to gain cashback on my purchases I was really annoyed on how much free cashback I had been missing out on especially with the amount I spend! You can get cashback from all of your favourite high street shops as well as getting cashback for switching and renewing your car insurance, tv package, and much much more!

Once you're signed up with Quidco you can then start to shop online and recieve cashback on any purchased made through the website. I would highly recommend downloading their cashback reminder extension tool for Google Chrome which is really handy. Since downloading the tool I have increased my cashback earnings by at least 50% as I would always forget to go through the website to get cashback, although I am much better these days as I am trying my best to save money.

As well as giving you cashback on your purchases Quidco also give you free cashback for signing up to free trials and services.

So if you fancy getting at least £45 free cash? Sign up to Quidco today and complete the following tasks and you could have £45 free cash in your pocket! It's as easy as that! The majority of them take a few months to pay out but it's a great way of building your Quidco earnings! Each task usually takes around 5 minutes or less to complete which is nothing really. You could do them all in one evening or spread them out across the week. You don't even need to be insuring a new car or actually want to sign up to a dating website, simply sign up using an old email address and cancel any trials before they end.

£6 free when you shop with Ocado for the first time online
£6 free for getting your free credit report from Equifax
£4.50 free when you activate your free sim card from GiffGaff
£2.50 free when you register as a new customer and place an order with Tesco
£2.50 free when you generate a new home or can insurance quote with Quote Searcher
£3 free when you take out a 30 day trial with GetResponse
£3 free for getting your free credit report from Experian
£2 free when you sign up for Search Lotto and complete 25 searches
£2 free when you complete a home insurance quote from Confused.com
£2 free when you get a car insurance quote from GoCompare
£1.75 free when you get a home insurance quote from GoCompare
£1.95 free when you get a car insurance quote from Confused.com
£1.50 free when you get a van insurance quote from GoCompare
£1.50 free when you get a Graze box delivered for free.
£1 free when you sign up to Match.com for free
£1 free for when you get a motorbike insurance quote from GoCompare
£1 free when you register at Get Me A Ticket
£1 free when you review your landlord or letting agents with Resident Review
£1 free when you activate a new PAYG sim with The Peoples Operator
50p free for getting a pet insurance quote from Confused.com
Up to £3 free when you recycle your old mobile phone with Envirophone

Total = £46.40 

You could also get an extra £30 absolutely free if you don't mind gambling when you spend £10 with William Hill Bingo which means you'll earn a £20 profit. You might even get lucky and win some extra money spending the £10 which is a bonus. It may come up with £111 spent on Quidco but just ignore that, it tracked less than 2 hours as well which is fantastic!  

For even more free cashback, you could sign up to KidStart to start earning money for your kids or Top Cash Back and do pretty much the same by searching for the free cashback offers.

Do you use cashback sites? Have you got any other tips and free cashback offers to share?

* I have not been paid to share this, it's just something I really wanted to share with you after discovering the free cashback offers last year. 


  1. I use Top cashback and it's great- I have a 'cashback notifier' on my internet display, so that every site I go on, it tells me if you can use Top Cashback on it. I've recently claimed £50 from it over a 3 month period :)

  2. Love Quidco, cash back soon mounts up!

  3. I love quidco i save £160 on my holiday last year

  4. Isn't Quidco brilliant?? I've been using it for a while and wrote a 'how to' blog post about it recently as so many people seem to get confused by the process!
    Hannah (at feaststylethrive.com)

  5. good to remind us all

  6. Margaret Abram9 April 2016 at 20:54

    Already signed up.

  7. I'm signed up but haven't used it yet

  8. I do the same but via a fundraising site, giving a little back to others every time I spend

  9. i have signed up to this but I havent entered much yet

  10. I'm registered but don't use it. Will definitely start trying now. Thanks for the article and FANTASTIC prize x

  11. Quidco and topcashback use them religiously and it soon mounts up. Extra pocket money without working too hard!

  12. If I shopped online a lot then I would definitely use it. Is that really your typical shopping because it looks like you buy a lot of unnecessary treats. Unless it's been someone's birthday that is. Your BHS and Boohoo over two days is about my clothes shopping for 2/3rds of the year. I probably have three orders of £45 per year, and don't always keep what I get.

  13. You're missing a trick here mate! Don't waste your time going for the 50p and a £1 cashback offers. Get yourself some serious cashback by joining a few casino, bingo & sports betting sites.
    These sites are falling over themselves to get you on-board, so much so, that many of them will give you £25 - £30 cashback for opening an account with just £10
    *BE WARNED THOUGH* - You have to be strong, and not get bitten by the gambling bug. Just bet your initial ten quid, withdraw any winnings you may have at the end and then sit back and wait for your money to be paid into your Quidco account a few months later.

    It's the same with credit card companies too. Just sign up for a card thats offering £20 - £30 cashback to successful aplicants, then just cut the card in half as soon as it drops through your letter box a few days later. (Don't be tempted to go out spending on it or they will ultimatly win, and you will be the loosr) Follow these simple tips and you can make hundreds of pounds instead of a piffling £45

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