2016 Wedding Trends

Every year new wedding trends emerge. Naturally, couples want their day to be special, so they are always looking for something different. Fortunately, wedding planners, and venue owners, keep coming up with new ideas, and there are some great ones for 2016. 

Here is my round up of some of the best. 

Hiring professionals 

An interesting trend that started to emerge last year is gaining traction for 2016. Hiring professionals to be ushers, bridesmaids, and flower girls is becoming more popular.  Of course, some couples still want their friends to fill these roles, but they are increasingly hiring someone to train them so that they perform flawlessly on the big day. 

Another nice trend of asking elderly relatives to perform the role of flower girl is also emerging. 

Satellite bars and food trucks 

Nobody likes the crush at the bar. One way around that is to open a second one. Satellite bars work well, and a cocktail van is great fun. Another popular option is an alcohol free bar serving fresh fruit juices and smoothies.

The sundae bar and chocolate fountain stations look set to stay, but be joined by other alternative dessert options. For example a crepe van outside. A hog roast in the evening is likely to continue to be a popular option. 

The dancing and singing starts early 

For the past few years, people have been getting increasingly adventurous with the first dance. In 2016, it looks like many brides and grooms will be taking things a step further, and literally dancing down the aisle after the ceremony. Those with good voices may even sing their wedding vows. 

Big exits will also be popular. Letting off a confetti bomb, or harking back to the 70s by releasing a net filled with balloons as they exit the reception are just two examples of this. 

The right venue is even more important 

To pull off these themes you need the right backdrop. Where you get married, has a big impact on how likely you are to get the wedding you want. You need to choose a location that can be adapted to your needs. Heaton House, a beautiful wedding venue in Cheshire is a great example of the kind of place you need. 

The owners of this former farm have done an excellent job of making sure that couples get a blank canvas to work with. They offer indoor or outdoor weddings, and a choice of styles for the reception rooms. You decide what look and feel you want and they use clever lighting and backdrops to create it. Importantly, they have space outside, so if you want a satellite bar and a bouncy castle you can have it. 

Choosing the music 

Couples want their weddings to be as lively and memorable as possible, so many are now asking guests to vote for their favourite dance tracks before the wedding. They are then using the results to put together a playlist that is almost guaranteed to get everyone up and dancing. 

As people come up with even more ways to personalise their weddings, even more trends will emerge.

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