10 Secrets to Body Confidence

It’s difficult today, when we’re bombarded with images of celebrities and models, to feel good about our bodies and ourselves. We want to look “just like them”, but in an age of photo shopping and celebrity personal trainers, the fact is that it’s almost impossible to look just like those models that we see plastered all over the TV, magazines and the internet. And while it is virtually impossible to look as good as Beyoncé when she’s photo shopped on the front of Vogue, the following are 10 ways to boost your body confidence so that you can feel and look good in your own skin: 

1. Fake it 

You may not feel it, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else has to know that. Act like you’re confident, and you will look like you’re confident. Projecting this feeling to the world can also work to “trick” your brain into actually being confident. 

2. Alter ego 

If you’re having trouble faking it, have someone else do it for you. Some performers have said they need to use an alter ego to get up on stage and perform. Try using an alter ego for yourself who is confident and self-assured in how they look. 

3. Dress for you 

Put aside the magazines and style guides. Just dress in ways that make you feel good and comfortable in your own skin. You might not be up on the trends, but feeling good about what you’re wearing will help that confidence soar. 

4. Talk to others 

Talk to someone you trust about how you’re feeling. You never know who else is feeling the same way, or who may have felt that way in the past. Commiserating and sharing insights can have positive effects for both of you. 

5. End the “fat talk” 

Don’t call yourself fat, and don’t put down others for it, either. This can cause a cycle of self-doubt and shame. Calling yourself negative things can make you start acting like that negative image, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

6. Find body parts you love 

Find a part of you that you love, and tell yourself how great that part is. If your butt looks great in that skirt, then tell yourself that. In time you’ll start to believe it about other parts, too. 

7. Address your body issues 

Procedures such as a tummy tuck Manchester or teeth whitening can help you feel better about a body part that might be primarily bugging you. Putting that most pressing personal need out of the way can make it much easier to work on building your confidence in other parts of your body. 

8. Treat yourself as you would treat others 

Everyone knows about “do unto others,” but what about do unto yourself? Treat yourself the way you would treat other people. If you wouldn’t call your co-worker fat or ugly, then don’t say it you in front of the mirror every morning. 

9. Look in the mirror with confidence 

If you can’t handle looking at yourself, then you won’t feel like you can handle others looking at you. Stand in front of the mirror naked or in your underwear, put your shoulders back in good posture, and look at yourself. This will give your brain practice at having someone look at your body. You’ll slowly get used to it. 

10. Find parts of your personality you love 

Much like finding a body part you love, you should find something about your personality that you love, and remind yourself of it as much as you can. Feeling confident about your personality can lead to overall confidence in yourself, and that includes your body. 

Having confidence in one’s body and appearance can be extremely difficult for many people. Use these tips to help you get over those issues and face the world head-on!

Do you have any top tips to share for boy confidence? 

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  1. Great ideas on how to get body confident. If o don't start being serious on my diet I'm definitely going to start using these! Come summer I'll be waking down the street like a goddess 😂 X

  2. Great tips. Personality definitely shines through.

  3. These are such great tips and definitely ones I will be taking on board! Thank you for sharing :) xo



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