Student Care Package Winner

You may remember this student care package giveaway (worth £250) I hosted earlier this month in collaboration with Senditnow.com well the time has come to announce the winner! I have spent the last few days reading through all of the nominations of which we received a whopping 112 nominations in total and whilst some didn't explain their nominations some really caught my eye! Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter but there could only be one winner...

The winner is Milly and here is her nomination: 

"I'd send it to my friend who's just started her Masters as a mature student at 24. I started Uni late myself, and know how isolating it can be sometimes when everyone else seems to be 18 and partying hard. Hopefully some home comforts in the form of a care package will help her adjust to things better - and the blanket/slippers will help her save on heating bills too!!"

Congratulations Milly, I hope your friend appreciates what a great friend she has and enjoys the student care package. A few of the others which caught my eye were:

Tamalyn: "I would love to nominate my daughter Natalie whos in her 3rd year at Liverpool john moores university doing sports psychology, shes worked very hard to get where she is and i am very proud of her, shes about to start her placement working with autistic children and football which i know shes going to love as she has a slightly autistic brother that shes helped me to look after since he was born. it her 21st birthday in just over a week so a lovely treat to say thank you for being the best daughter and to say good luck in her final year would be fabulous."

Mrs P: "I'd send this gift to my baby sister (11 years my junior!) who's just starting uni this year. She's the quiet one of the family and I know she'll be missing our mum and brother even though she'd never say so. Getting a care package would make her day and put the rest of us at ease that she was at least taken care of for a little while. It seems like 5 minutes ago that she was born and now she's all grown up and off out into the world on her own."

Jessica: "I would like to nominate my little cousin. To me she is still that little sweet girl and I cannot believe she is at university. She's moved 3 hours away from home. Winning this would take a weight of my mind knowing that she's okay. I know how homesick you get and she could snuggle up with her new cosy blanket and chocolate when she's feeling down and use the gift cards to buy actual food because she's been living of pot noodles! Not happy about that."

Here's a quick reminder of what was included in the care package:
  • Set of essential student kitchenware (see here for details)
  • Hungry Student set of cookery books, one general, one baking and one vegetarian
  • Rail travel vouchers
  • Cinema vouchers
  • Just Eat or Dominos vouchers 
  • Reed Diffuser 
  • Plug multi adapter
  • Multi-vitamins
  • Tissues
  • First Aid Kit
  • Hot Water Bottle
  • Dry Shampoo gift set
  • Photo frame
  • Laundry bag 

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  1. Oh my that looks amazing I love a good hamper full of cookbooks and say Merry Christmas these look great.


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