15 Ways To Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter

15 ways to lower your energy bills this winter

With one of the coldest winters predicted this year it's important to keep your energy costs down especially with how expensive electric and gas is these days. I have been looking at ways to reduce our electric and gas bills as I realised we were using a lot more than usual than our previous home so here are 12 ways to lower your energy bills this winter.

1. Switch energy suppliers

Just by switching energy suppliers earlier this year I managed to save an extra £20 a month. It's worth doing a little research and comparing prices from competitors online as you never know how much you may be able to save. Don't just go for the first supplier you find which is offering a cheaper deal, shop around until you find the perfect one.

2. Keep the heating on low

Instead of putting the heating on at different periods throughout the day resulting in taking longer to heat up keep it on low on colder days when you need it on and it will keep the whole house warmer for longer.

3. Close off any areas of the house that you don't use much

Close off any rooms that you don't use as often such as the utility room and conservatory as this means you won't have to keep those rooms warm when not in use. I also close all of the bedrooms doors upstairs as we have an open living room instead of a hallway leading upstairs so it can get quite cold downstairs if I don't close them. There's no point throwing away money to keep areas warm which you won't even be using.

4. Dress properly 

Sounds pretty simple right, but more often than not people complain that they're cold but aren't dressed properly. Layer up and wear slippers to keep warm.

5. Insulate your windows, ceilings and roofs

If you haven't already, make sure you insulate your windows with good quality blinds or heavy curtains to keep the heat in and avoid heat loss through the windows. You could also put a thick plastic film around them to add an extra layer of insulation. Check your roofing and see whether it needs replacing or extra insulation added in. It's worth shopping around if you need any extra roofing supplies to get the best deals. 

6. Use draught extractors 

You can find many cheap ones on eBay or your local homeware store and they are great for keeping any draught out. I use them in the living room, porch and by the back door.

7. If you have a fire use it! 

You can heat up your main living space by lighting the fire and not having to put the heating on at all although it may be rather chilly upstairs but if you don't use these rooms during the day then it's the perfect source of heating for you.

8. Use energy efficient appliances

If you don't already have energy efficient appliances such as fridges, washers or dryers if you're in need of new ones I'd highly suggest buy energy efficient ones instead. It is best to look for the product which has the best energy rating and also matches the size you require. Typically A++, A+ and A are mostly recommended if you're looking to save on your electricity.

9. Do your laundry at night 

Check to see if your power company sells energy for lower rates at off-peak hours such as at night. If so then try doing your laundry at night to save a bit of money.

10. Replace light bulbs with low energy ones 

If you don't already use low energy bulbs start using them!

11. Make use of blankets and throws 

A nice warm blanket allows you to set the thermostat a couple of degrees lower at night. During the daytime instead of whipping up the heating as soon as it gets cold snuggle up on the sofa with a couple of throws and watch some films.

12. Unplug cables from the socket when they aren't in use

For example when your phone isn't charging unplug the cable, turn off the kettle and toaster as well as your laptop charger. I always unplug everything when I'm away for a few days or even when I'm at home and not using them.

13. Keep your oven open after cooking or baking in it

I don't do this when Amelia is in the kitchen but a quick way to heat up a room is to leave the oven door open after you've used it and let some of the heat into the house. You paid to heat up the oven you may as well use it!

14. Stick to 5 minute showers

Us mums are lucky to even get a 5 minute shower between changing bums and cleaning the mess but same goes for the rest of the house. If your partner or kids like having longer ones reduce them to 5 minutes to not only save money on water but heating water is expensive too! If yourself or a family member uses the gym or leisure centre regularly shower there to save money on hot water!

15. Use a small heater 

A small space heater can warm the room you're in so there's no need to heat the whole house. They heat up really quickly and you can move it around the house. When I lived on my own I used this instead of turning the heating on to heat up my apartment and just left it in the room I was in. Even though they are electric, they are much more efficient at heating a single room than the whole house. Just be careful if you have young children.

Do you have any tips on how to reduce your energy bills this winter?

* This post is in collaboration with Ashbrook Roofing. For details on how I work with brands take a look at my work with me page.

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  1. I love this!! Some I have never thought of like opening the oven. I've started to snuggle under a Christmas throw in the evenings, I also like candles, atmospheric and extra heat. X

  2. Great tips Kerry! We are about to move into a new, bigger house so I will certainly be implementing some of these ideas!

  3. I have a feeling this year is going to be FREEZING. Im practically been wearing my hoody all day everyday the last couple of week indoors and its not even winter yet!
    Awesome tips sugar!!
    Charlotte :) x

  4. I'm interested to see what our bills are like this year - as we have had a massive extension done so have much more space to heat however it's all properly insulated so might well mean the rest of the house stays warmer for longer.

  5. Great tips - with biting winds today making it feel so cold, I need to think about keeping warm without having massive bills. Kaz x

  6. These are some great tips! I'm in the process of looking to get my first house so these were really useful :) xx

  7. great tips, it is getting really cold now my heating has been turned right up but I should really just layer up first! x

  8. Brilliant tips. One thing I have started doing when we moved into our own home (we've been here around 2 a and a half years now) is switching everything off at the walls, like you have suggested. The only thing that is always on in the kitchen is our oven! And that is only because you can't use it unless the clock is set and that would just annoy me to always set it! Haha!

    We used a lot of gas last year on heating, as I kept it on nearly all day (naughty me) this year I've purchased more jumpers for Ben and will layer him up, and will do the same for me as well. Luckily it's been a warm Autumn so far and think we've only had it on a couple of times.

    I also try and have some screen free time when the TV is off, as I used to have it on all day!

  9. Great tips!! You can't beat snuggling in some blankets. The oven tip is great. I never thought about doing it x

  10. Such information is extremely relief for everyone. Congratulations for all!!

  11. I ALWAYS leave the oven open after I cook. We grew up relatively poor and I watched my mom do this always. People think I'm weird for it but it does heat the kitchen up real quick. Plus our kitchen opens up to our living room so really it's adding to the whole house! ;)

    I just love your blog so much! Not only is it my style so very aseptically pleasing, but I feel like you actually give us posts that are both helpful but easy to do. Your blogging and home tips are welcomed! :) I feel like you are the blog I'm continuing to go back to again and again. :)

  12. OH gosh I really need to do these. I am awful and so are the kids about always turning on the lights and leaving things on like the tv for noise when we aren't using them. EEK naughty us.

  13. I like your idea of using blankets and throws instead of turning up the heat. We are trying to find ways to reduce our energy bill this winter and I think reducing the heat would help a lot. We of course want to stay comfortable, but I think we can afford to lower the thermostat a few degrees. I think that would help make a big difference in the bill. Thanks for the tip!


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