How To Save Money On Nappies with Pampers Wonder Week

Since becoming a mum I've started to realise the value of money a lot more. Having a baby can be expensive, having another is even more expensive so when you find great deals you just have to grab them when you can. I dread to think how much I've spent over the last three years on nappies and when Harry came along I did everything possible to make sure Amelia was potty trained as this would save me a lot of money with only having to add one pack of nappies to the shopping list each week. Even with just one lot of nappies to buy it is still rather costly so any little savings help, which is why I try to stock up on nappies and bulk buy them when I can. 

Incase you haven't already heard it's Pampers Wonder Week this week October 1st-October 7th and today I'm sharing some of their great savings. Following the success of Wonder Weekend earlier this year they've brought it back but this time parents can enjoy a whole week of money saving offers! 

Pampers are currently working with financier extraordinate Jasmine Birtles who is passionate about simple ways to save pounds. Jasmine also recommends bulk-buying nappies and wipes when you can and if you head on over to the website you can see what great offers are available on Pampers nappies this week. 

Here are Jasmine's top tips:
  1. Buying in bulk might seem like a big investment up front, but making a larger one-off payment can reap big rewards over time
  2. The best bulk deals can often be found online & can make shopping a lot easier! Spend time finding the best online deals and then relax whilst your bulk order gets delivered direct to your door
  3. Did you know you can get big discounts bulk-buying nappies and wipes? Several supermarkets have offers on Pampers nappies and wipes if you bulk-buy right now. Find out more at http://www.pamperswonderweek.co.uk
  4. When it’s gone it’s gone with most special offers in supermarkets, so keep an eye out for these deals – purchase things like extra bedding for a cot gifts for friends little ones, or anything else and store them for later
  5. Try and avoid buying products in bulk you haven’t used before; stick to tried and tested products for your family like Pampers and Fairy!
Wonder Week Offers

Here are the details of the Wonder Week offers to look out for from 1st-7th October. The whole process has been designed to be super user friendly for us parents, who lets face it are often short of time. You just visit the Pampers Wonder Week website select a retailer, pick your product place your order then sit back relax and wait for your nappies to arrive. Super quick, super simple and the best bit is you are saving money and don't need to go to the shops when you are running low on nappies.

Amazon: Up to 50% off your first pack when you subscribe and save**

Asda: Pampers Baby Dry giga packs are 3 for £39*

New Pampers Baby-Dry Pants jumbo packs are 2 for £18*

Boots Buy 5 essential packs of Baby Dry or Active Fit for £30*

Pampers New Baby jumbo packs are 2 for £14.50*

Morrisons Buy 10 Baby Dry essential packs & save £25*

Buy 8 Active Fit large packs and save £30*

Buy 2 essential packs of New Baby-Dry Pants for £12* 

Tesco Spend £50 on Pampers nappies & wipes & get £10 off your shop*

New Pampers Baby-Dry Pants essential packs are £6*

Waitrose Buy 5 carry packs of Active Fit or Baby Dry for £15 and save £10*

So, if you're running out of nappies or wanting to stock up on some then head on over to the Pampers website and see which stores you can get these great deals from. I have made use of these offers and stocked up on nappies for Harry for the next couple of months.

Will you be taking up Pampers fantastic offers this week?

* This is a sponsored post. For details on how I work with brands take a look at my work with me page. 

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