Harrison | 9 Months

Another month has gone by and Harrison is nine months old today. Where has this year gone? I am fully aware that I say this each month but it's so true...it just flies by! In just three short months he will be turning one, it's just crazy and I can't get my head around it as it still feels like only yesterday he was born. I feel like this past month we have seen so many changes in him and his personality has changed yet again. 

Harry will still wake every now and again around 11pm for a bottle but will go straight back to sleep until 7/8am, some nights he doesn't wake at all which I am so thankful for even if I don't go to sleep until 2am. I did try and bring him into bed with me one night when he thought it was playtime but he was having none of it and is such a wriggler I couldn't possibly sleep with him in bed with me. Luckily he will self soothe and will play with his toys in the cot and just go back to sleep when he's ready. 

This month Harry has constantly been on the go and won't sit still for more than a couple of seconds, I'm lucky that I even managed to snap these photos as he wasn't having any of it! I've started putting him in the travel cot for short periods during the day and using it as a play pen as he will be climbing up on the TV stand, coffee table, chair, sofa, anything in sight he'll be up onto it. Even when he's in that he's standing up and wanting to try and get out. 

He's eating more varied foods this month now that he's discovered different textures and flavours. He's never been a fussy baby which is good so I can give him pretty much anything and he won't turn his nose up at it. In fact he even ate half of my bag of prawn crackers one evening when I turned my back for a few seconds!! I have no idea how much he weighs, but I reckons he's definitely at the weight that he should be as he sure does feel heavy! Although he's not chubby he's definitely bigger than his sister was at this age. That remind me I must get him weighed soon! 

  • Now has 6 teeth and another two seem to be cutting through
  • Will stand for a few seconds unaided
  • Is now in size 9-12 months on top and 6-9 on bottom
  • Finally found his voice and won't stop "talking"
  • Can climb the stairs
  • Will clap his hands and wave bye
  • Can stand up in his cot 

  • Isn't so keen on his Jumperoo anymore now that he's wanting to climb everything
  • Still prefers to sleep on his front
  • Will eat pretty much anything you give him
  • Still loves sticking his tongue out
  • Not as keen on being in the baby carrier anymore

  • Harry went on his first holiday 
  • Tried beef for the first time this past week 
  • I've started playgroup with Harry on a Monday whilst Amelia is at school
  • Had his 7-9 month injections

There's not really much else to update on this month really so I guess we'll leave it at that. Here are a few photos of Harry that I've taken this month. I've noticed that I don't really share that many photos of the kids on the blog anymore but I'll try to share more however you can follow us on Instagram as I post a ton there! 

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  1. He is such a cutie!! Getting big!! He looks like you and Amelia!!

    1. Thank you Leslie! Everyone says we all look so alike x

  2. Can't believe he's 9 months already! So glad he's sleeping better than Amelia did for you, could you imagine doing it all again!? Lol. Yay for teeth too, Abbie didn't get any till she was 13 months! X

    1. I know!! Just crazy! So sad though as I won't be experiencing this again :(Haha defintiely not! I am pretty lucky in that respect! Amelia was completely the opposite, didn't sleep or eat lol x

  3. Oh my goodness, where has the time gone that he is 9 months old already?! Such a gorgeous boy x

  4. such a little cutie and growing up oh so fast! #love2blog

  5. It seems like he was only born yesterday, time really does fly doesn't it?? I can't believe he has 6 teeth already, he'll have a full set in no time. Gorgeous boy to match your gorgeous girl! X

  6. It seems like he was only born yesterday, time really does fly doesn't it?? I can't believe he has 6 teeth already, he'll have a full set in no time. Gorgeous boy to match your gorgeous girl! X

  7. So handsome. Harry sounds so advanced, he is doing so well. I know what you mean the first year goes so fast, I made sure I cherished this time around. His eating sounds so good can he teach my 17 month old not to be picky lol xx

  8. He has changed so much letely, he's really starting to look like a little toddler! Gorgeous boy. Can't believe he is standing and climbing - it only seems like yesterday that you had him!

  9. Gosh, how is he 9 months old?! I feel like you were only announcing you were pregnant two minutes ago! He has such a cheeky little face. It's nice that you get to go to a group together - it must be hard to have that one-on-one time otherwise. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  10. Awww he is so gorgeous! He looks so happy and chilled out :) Hope you had a good holiday :)

    Gemma xx

  11. He is so gorgeous! I can't believe he is 9 months old already! He looks so much like Amelia too :) xx

  12. What a lovely post. I wish I had done more of these with the girls. Like your Harrison, they don't sit still long and they are major wriggle bums in bed. It's crazy how the time really does fly. My two are two yet it still feels like I only had them a few months ago. That'll be the sleep deprivation then. Xx

  13. How quickly time goes! What a little legend he is xx

  14. Aw those pictures are just gorgeous Kerry! Makes me miss it so much when Archie was little. He is nearly two and I cant believe it. You are so good keeping a diary post like this, I wish I had done it. It is such a lovely memory. What a good boy with his sleeping and eating, you are one lucky mummy x

  15. what a cutie! I do miss the baby days. Popping over from Blog Builders

  16. He is such a cutie and growing so fast. I love it when they find their voice and start 'talking', Jelly Bean is a right little babbler already.

  17. What a cutie, beautiful photos, why does life have to go by so quickly?!

  18. He is such a wee dote! I cannot believe he is 9mths already!! #Love2blog

  19. Oh what a cutie - time flies doesn't it? Pickle was three on Monday - where did that go!? Kaz x

  20. He looks so much like you and Amelia! Growing up so quickly. x

  21. 9 months already?! That has flow by! He such a cutie and the three of you look so alike ! X

  22. Awh Kerry he's thriving. Beautiful little baba. Can't believe he is 9 months already, he'll be walking before you know it xx

  23. What a wee cutie he is. It flies by doesn't it. Enjoy it lovely x

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  25. Oh bless him! Its so scary how quickly these babies are growing isn't it? I have only a few days until Elsie turns one and I just cannot believe it. You;d think with number 4 I'd be used to time flying but I'm really not. What a gorgeous post and stunning photos as usual x x


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