7 Stress Free Tips For Dressing A Baby

Baby on the way? Here are 7 stress free tips for dressing a baby! Check out these top tips on how to dress your new bundle of joy without getting in a panic.

As a mum of two I have had my fair share of disasters when it comes to dressing a newborn. From loosing endless amounts of socks to nice outfits getting ruined from poo explosions. Before having Amelia I bought a ton of pretty little outfits and truth be told I think she only ended up wearing one of them! So when the time came to start buying for the little mans wardrobe I had learnt my lesson and went for practical instead of going overboard. 

Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure recently conducted some research into the top baby blunders when it comes to dressing babies and have partnered with a number of parent bloggers, including myself to give our top tips to help combat baby dressing blunders. There are of course many newborn staples which I bought the second time round which were totally invaluable to myself as a parent so I thought I'd share my top stress free tips for dressing a baby, although I do still get it wrong sometimes!

1. Avoid nasty poo explosions 

Did you know that you can roll down the onesie over the shoulders instead of pulling it up over babies head? Gone are the days of nasty poo explosions which end up in babies hair, all of the floor, yep you get the picture....everywhere!! Persil Non Bio and Comfort Pure are perfect for getting clothes clean, so a controlled mess is definitely something to aspire to!

2. Buy sleep suits with mittens 

Stock up on sleep suits with the scratch mitts built in, not only will they stop your baby from scratching their face they also keep baby's hands nice and warm. Trust me - you'll only end up loosing the scratch mitts as they are always far too big or your little one likes to pull them off. 

3. Don't bother with baby shoes 

Yes they may be cute but honestly they don't need them! Instead stock up on some snazzy socks with cute designs! I bought a dozen pairs of baby shoes for Harry which are all still sat in the cupboard, I didn't learn my lesson from buying too many with Amelia either but it's something I tell everyone who's having a baby!

4. Put tights on under vests

This is something I learnt when my eldest was a baby, she was forever pulling her socks off or her tights would end up around her ankles especially if she was wearing a dress or skirt. Keep your baby's tights up by putting them under their vest instead. This will also mean no missing socks when out and about resulting in looking like you forgot to dress your baby. Also, boys can totally wear tights too! They're especially handy in the winter for keeping little legs warm!

5. Avoid buttons 

If possible avoid buttons on baby clothes especially ones with shaped buttons or really small ones. They are not baby friendly! Before you even have the chance to do one of them up your baby will have tried to wriggle away. Not only are they fiddly, they are time consuming... I can put on an outfit without buttons 5 times faster!

6. Keep it simple 

Dressing your baby can be a lot of fun especially with all of the adorable clothing available these days with cute designs and patterns. But let's be honest, your baby doesn't care, they are happy in something simple and comfortable.

7. Buy vests and sleep suits in a few different sizes

Unless you're certain you're having a 10 pound baby be sure to buy clothes in a few different sizes, I was always told not to bother with newborn sized clothing as your baby grows out of them so quickly which was the case for Amelia but Harry was rather small for his weight as 0-3 month clothing was huge on him so I had to go out and buy newborn once he had arrived.  

Here are some other tips from fellow parent bloggers: 

Most babies hate clothing being pulled over their heads so I make sure now that necklines are stretchy enough to easily pull up and down. (Mim, Mamamim

The most expensive (and whitest) outfit is the one most likely to be on the receiving end of an explosive nappy. Fact. (Hannah, Make do and Push

Dribble Bibs are great and can be worn snugly underneath baby’s chin and catch the constant drool in the first few months and teething stages. Their skin won’t be irritated and they can also make a fairly simple outfit a little more stylish! (Mim, Mamamim

Everyone told me not to bother with new-born sized baby clothes as babies grow out of them so quickly, so I only bought for 0-3 months. Turns out that despite being an average weight both my babies were TINY and even new-born babygros were huge. (Gill, A Baby on Board

Laundry loads will be at a high when you have a little one in the house. With this in mind, keep outfits with numerous layers for special occasions only and certainly in the first three months stick with onesies or two pieces where you can easily change a nappy without having to entirely undress your squirming mini. (Mim, Mamamim)

Do you have any baby wardrobe blunders to share?

* Sponsored by Persil – all opinions in this post are those of Oh So Amelia and not Persil. For details on how I work with brands take a look at my work with me page.

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  1. I do find tops handy with 2 buttons on the side. It makes it easier to get the top over the head. Other than that stretchy tops are brilliant too.
    For girls now I prefer leggings to tights.

  2. Number 1! I wish I knew that when Abbie was a little baby, I only found out when she was about 6 months old and it would've made my life easier and cleaner haha! I pretty much kept Abbie in sleep suits, little outfits drowned her but it was cute to try other things sometimes :). x

  3. Buttons on baby clothes seem so unsafe, too - it's all too easy for them to shove them in their mouths!

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