Mum knows best, they always do. Even if we'd rather not admit it at the time they always have our best interests at heart. Growing up we never always saw eye to eye and would bicker a lot however since becoming a parent myself I now know how frustrating it must have been for my mum and I can definitely see myself saying the same things to Amelia! Littlewoods have a brilliant campaign running at the moment called #MumsKnowBest and have challenged myself along with many others to share our memories of when Mum knew best.

I've never really been the rebellious teenager, we lived in the middle of nowhere so I didn't really go out much at night until I was old enough to drive. I started working at the age of 13 so my weekends would be spent working at a nearby hotel and when I started college I worked many evenings during the week so you could say I never really had the chance to get into trouble. Of course we had our fair share of arguments but looking back I can't really remember what any of them were about as they don't stick in the back of my mind as being that bad. 

But I do want to thank my mum for always being right when I made wrong decisions and always knowing best so I thought I would share some of those times where my mum always knew best. 

So thank you for...

- always telling me to take my coat off when inside otherwise I wouldn't be able to feel the benefit when I step outside. It's true! But at the time I never believed her!

- moving to North Wales when we were younger (I was 9) - at the time I didn't think it was the right decision and hated it to begin with, however over the years I can see it most definitely was the best thing!

- telling me not to get my belly pierced - I'm glad now that I never did.

- telling me to stop dying my hair so frequently as it would eventually start falling out... and it has! I wish I had listened at the time.

- telling me not to waste my time at college and stick my head down to pass my course

- pushing me to move away when I was thinking of doing so. I'm so glad I moved out when I did as it made me more confident and independent.

- telling me to persevere with putting Harry in his cot as he would eventually start sleeping in there..and he now does! I didn't want him to get the same bad habits as his big sister. 

I love this film by Littlewoods, it made me smile as I'm pretty sure I've had conversations like this with Amelia in the past and will have the same with Harry when he's older, as us mums always know best.

Did your mum always know best? What piece of advice do you wish you had listened to?

* This post is in collaboration with Littlewoods

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  1. Wow you are the image of your mum.
    Yup my mum always knew best even if I didn't want to admit it.

    1. I think we look so similar in that post it's crazy. I can see myself in younger photos of her too.

      Haha! Always the way isn't it x

  2. You look so much like your mum! My mum didn't know best at all, but even so that helped make me the mum I am, in a strange way x

    1. I think she does in that photo as she was younger (don't tell her that haha!).

      Ahh sorry to hear that, but glad to hear it's made you a better mum :) x

  3. My mum was my very best friend up until I met my hubby. Now we don't speak at all. This time, it isn't because she knows best. It's because she's a control freak and hates that I no longer need her.

  4. Great post!! I think all kids are the same once they become parents. They turn into their mum lol
    L x

  5. Lovely post, you and your mum look so alike! x

  6. I can't believe how much you look like your Mum, Kerry! I also love this post. My Mum is full of wisdom too. I wonder if our kids will think the same of us one day? xo

  7. That is insane!!! You are your Mum's actual twin!

  8. I recently realised my mum totally knows best. My health visitor was telling me all sorts of crap, which my mum contradicted, but it wasn't until I took my little guy to see a GP when he was really constipated and she said that I should listen to my mum and ignore the HV that I realised it was ok to ignore her. Now I always listen to her advice. And she's got a rather big head over it!

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