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Blogging is often a hobby for many bloggers but also a job for many others, and sometimes everyone can be left feeling uninspired which isn't great if you have deadlines to meet. However what do you do when you run out of ideas? You can be left feeling unmotivated and not in the zone especially if you are experiencing a bout of writers block. I have hundreds of draft posts sitting waiting to be written up with nothing but a title so I thought I would share some of them with you. 

Here are some blog post ideas for parent bloggers to stock pile if you ever are stuck in a rut on what to write about!

1. What's in my changing bag
2. 5 of the best _______ (insert baby product here)
3. Top bath time products under X
4. Nursery/kids room tour
5. Top pushchairs under X
6. Newborn must haves/essentials
7. Things to do in ________ (your local town/city) with kids
8. Tips for surviving a car journey with toddler/kids
9. A product review or comparison of two products
10. Travelling tips with baby/toddler
11. 5 must have newborn products
12. 10 reasons to ________ (insert parenting subject here)
13. Weekly/monthly baby update
14. A baby/toddler/kids gift guide
15. 10 reasons to try _______ (insert baby/parenting topic here)
16. Summer/spring/winter/autumn clothing wish list
17. Thoughts/tips on Breastfeeding
18. Thoughts on Co-sleeping
19. Tips for transition from cot to toddler bed
20. Potty training tips
21. Survival guide for mum of two under two
22. A day in the life
23. Share your favourite parent/mummy bloggers/instagrammers
24. Life lately post with collage of what you've been up to recently
35. Bucket list
36. Toddler meal ideas
37. Weaning journey/ideas
38. Tips for fussy eaters
39. Favourite/top parenting apps
40. Top 10 child-friendly places to eat (in your area)
41. 'Monthly favourites' round up
42. Packing post for holiday
43. Bedtime routine
44. Back to school tips
45. Share a tutorial
46. Hospital bag checklist / back to school checklist
47. Activities for toddlers
48. Birth story 
49. Tips for a first time mum 
50. 5 awesome _______ (pushchairs, baby carriers, travel cots, bedtime products)
51. Baby/toddler haul 
52. Topic on dummies 
53. Tips for dealing with toddler tantrums
54. X things to do whilst breastfeeding
55. Our favourite ________ (weaning products, breastfeeding products....)
56. Favourite books 
57. Easter/Christmas basket 
58. SAHM vs Working mum discussion 
59. Post on maternity leave 
60. How life has changed since becoming a mum/dad 
61. Favourite postpartum products 
62. X things they didn't tell you about _______ (breastfeeding, motherhood, weaning)
63. Teething tips 
64. 5 top car seats under X
65. Favourite apps for kids 
66. Preparing for a new sibling 
67. 5 affordable bedtime essentials 
68. Tips for single mums 
69. 10 must have items for car journeys with kids
70. Letter to your child

So there you go. 70 blog post ideas for parent bloggers which will hopefully inspire you or at least help you get you back into the swing of blogging again. I know that when I'm feeling unmotivated, I like to take a scroll down my draft list and often find an old post I haven't published which sounds appealing. 

What are your favourite types of blog posts to read? Do you often feel uninspired and have nothing to blog about? 

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  1. Very useful list, thank you for sharing!

    Emma x

  2. Ahh thank you Kerry!! I'm going to schedule some posts for around babies arrival and I had no idea where to start... Now I do!!

    Kay xxx

  3. A great list. Thank you for the inspiration. I shall have a think about which one to use first. x

  4. Wow that's a lot of ideas! You're great at writing these tip type posts, keep them coming! x

  5. such a fab list! thanks for sharing :)

  6. Ah brilliant! I'm just getting into blogging myself so this will be a brilliant inspiration post!

  7. Amazing list and definitely something I need to read. Inspiring, thanks very much :) x

  8. Some great ideas here, thanks for sharing. I also always have a few draft posts only half written and pop back to them every now and then, they'll eventually all be finished posts!

    Alison At Home!

  9. Wow Kerry this is a massive but amazing list for topics. I love it. Always gets more ideas to read others ideas too. So inspiring and helpful.

  10. These are amazing topics! I have so many ideas after reading your list. Thanks! :)


  11. Thanks for sharing this list. You've given me some great ideas.x

  12. Awesome list! PLEASE come to my blog hop this week and share it? Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop on Ducks 'n a Row. Goes live Tues eve 7pm EDT. Hope to see you there --- lots of bloggers come to it and they will LOVE this list.

  13. Such a brilliant list! A great point of reference to look at when that dreaded blogger block comes. :) x

  14. Disappointed that there aren't topics for elementary, middle school, high school age and college age parenting. You never stop being a parent and the puberty years are arguably harder than the infant ones.

    1. Of course, completely understand that I wanted to keep it to 70 though, could easily go on and on with many topics. Half of these can still be used for parents with any aged children. I think I just kept to the younger aged children as I haven't experience of having older children to relate to

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  20. Hi, thanks for sharing the ideas.. Love it!

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