One of the many challenges in running a home (and a kitchen along with it) is keeping breakfast exciting for the whole family. Sure, we're always told it’s the most important meal of the day, but try telling yourself that when you have a couple of hungry kids waking you up at the crack of dawn - a hard time of day to do anything important at all. 

That's the life of a parent though, which is why it's always worth keeping an eye out for great recipes to make breakfast quicker, easier and more delicious - not to mention nutritious. And, to get you started, here is a list of tried and tested recipes for just about any breakfast.

Healthy treat for the kids 

If you want to pack protein and all the vitamins you can squeeze into a bite size breakfast then you simply have to try these 100-calorie cheese, vegetable and egg muffins. You can stuff them with whichever veg you or the kids love most and experiment with herbs or spices for a flavour twist. 

Healthy treat for the grown-ups 

It takes a little more to power mums and dads for a full morning and you won't find a much better mix of protein, healthy fats and irresistible textures than this sweet potato, black bean and egg white burrito recipe. Low carb whole wheat tortillas wrap it all together and a slither of cheese gives them that authentic burrito feel. 

Sweet treat for the kids 

These 60 second muffins are great for the kids and grown-ups alike at any time of the day. This recipe is for instant chocolate chip muffins but you can swap the chocolate for blueberries, or a fruit of your choice, for a slightly healthier version. 

Sweet treat for the grown-ups 

It's always tough to choose between the pancakes, croissants and legion of other sweet breakfast options available. But, if you have to narrow it down to one choice, you may as well go for one the whole family can enjoy and a loaf of banana bread is always hard to beat.

Drink for the kids 

When you serve up a savoury breakfast for the little ones there's no better accompaniment than a mix of fruit smoothie and milk or yoghurt. Then again, you won't want to top up the sugar on an already sweet breakfast, in which case a simple glass of milk may be the way to go. 

Drink for the grown-ups 

Obviously, it can only be coffee for a grown-up breakfast drink and to bring your favourite cup of caffeine to the kitchen table you only have to do two things: invest in a good coffee machine and slip in a pod - no recipe needed (we like these). Then you simply sit back and sip away as you bask in the glory of your breakfast. 

Winter warmer for the kids 

The ultimate winter warmer for kids has got to be the classic egg and soldiers. Not only do they get to play with their food, but some wholemeal bread really turns this into a lasting energy boost. 

Winter warmer for the grown-ups 

Actually, porridge may be the only better winter warmer than egg and soldiers - but not just for kids. Try mixing hulless barley with oats, your choice of fruits and favourite spices for a warming whole grain breakfast recipe.

Summer special for the kids 

How could summer breakfast be made any more fun than waking up to an ice lolly in the morning? Well this yoghurt and fruit recipe makes another great start to a summer's day or a healthy snack - and they look incredible too! Plus, you can dunk them in granola or a ground nut mix to make them more filling.

Summer special for the grown-ups 

Okay, so we're back with another porridge serving now, which may not sound like your ideal summer breakfast - but that's until you try this chilled oatmeal recipe. Layers of chilled porridge, banana slices and raisins are topped with sunflower seeds and coconut - or any customisations you choose to make. 

So there you have it. Just enough recipes to turn breakfast into a treat for the whole family and all you need to do is continue the search to keep things interesting. So try these tasty numbers at the breakfast table and don't be shy about sharing any recommendations in the comments section. 

What is your favourite breakfast treat?

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  1. I really love those little jars you have! I've always wanted some. Great ideas though. I need something a bit more interesting for P2 to eat at breakfast.

  2. Looks yummy. I really need to think of having some proper breakfast. All I ever have is toast with jam and chocolate spread.

  3. That orange juice looks lovely! Yum! x

  4. Some great ideas, I hate boring breakfasts! I'll definitely be giving some of these a go.

  5. Oh my goodness some of these made me drool. Great list here. I hate boring breakfast so I usually skip it but definitely need to stop doing that as Its so unhealthy and probably why I snack more at night.


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