10 ways to make money fast

Behind on the rent? Need money to fill your car with petrol to get to work or simply fancy a last minute getaway? If you've searched for quick ways to make money fast then I'm guessing that you're low on funds and pay day is still some while away. Here are 10 ways to raise some quick cash in a few days both online and offline. 

1. Sell your old clothes

Whether that be your own clothes or your kids. There's always somebody out there looking for a bargain on used or un-wanted clothes. Pop your clothes on sites such as eBay where you can set up an online auction. I recently held an Instagram auction where I sold some of the kids clothes and shoes. I managed to make a whooping £370! A lot of the items were still in the wardrobe with tags on or had only been worn once and would have only ended up in the attic for god knows how many years or down the charity bank so I'm pleased I decided to sell them as I'd rather they went to people who could use them. 

2. Get cashback when shopping 

This is a great easy way to make and save money. There are a number of cashback sites out there such as Quidco (Ebates if in the USand Topcashback which are both free to use where you receive cashback with every purchase whether it be 0.5% or 10%. It's always handy to use especially when you're making a big purchase such as a new fridge or sofa or even to use around Christmas on all your gift purchases. Another great time to use cashback sites is when your car insurance or phone contracts are due to end and if you're looking to switch provider you can save some big earnings at these times. 

3. Voucher sites

You can save money by using sites such as voucherbin.co.uk to find the latest deals before making purchases. They offer later vouchers to 1000's of retailers in various categories which will save you money in the long run. I love browsing these sites to see what vouchers I can use especially if I'm making a clothes order for the kids as it's always handy to get a few quid off a purchase. 

4. Recycle your old phones

Have any old mobile phones lying around the house or in the attic? Dig them out and see hoe much you can get in return for recycling them. You could even see if your parents or relatives have any too! Not only does it help the environment by recycling the phones but its an easy way to get some cash together especially if you have a few to recycle. I'd suggest using sites such as Mazuma or envirophone.

5. Get paid to review online

Sites such as Revooly allow you to purchase items from their wish list and review them with a percentage taken off the price of the product. From baby items to kitchen appliances there are many categories to review from. You could even review items you have previously purchased and receive a percentage. For example if you wanted to buy a Motorola video baby monitor Revooly are offering a 12% discount which will give you £10 off the total of £88.10 which is pretty good! You are given 14 days to complete a review so that's plenty of time to get a few reviews written up and receive some money back for reviewing your products!

6. Affiliate marketing

Have your own website/blog or a good online presence? You can earn some cash immediately by signing up to affiliate sites and promote their products and offers online. Amazon affiliates is a great affiliate programme to sign up to too. If you have a good following or readership then you will be likely to receive a steady income from affiliate sites. 

7. Dog walking

It may not sound like the most interesting way to make some money, however if you love being outdoors and love animals then this is for you! If you have a lot of free time during the day when others are at work then this may be a handy little earner for you. You can make around £7 an hour for walking a dog, plus its a great way to keep fit and you could even walk a few dogs at a time making more each hour! 

8. Babysitting 

Fancy earning some quick money for not doing much at all? Babysitting is a classic money-maker which allows you to get paid to watch TV once the kids are in bed! You may need a CRB if you are babysitting other children however for friends you won't need one and you can earn between £6-10 an hour. So easy money for a night of doing basically nothing unless you get the child from hell!

9. Upload your videos to Youtube

Have any funny videos lying around on your phone or laptop? Prank videos, tutorials, reviews? If your video goes viral you will be in the big bucks! For many Youtube is a career but if you're just after a bit of extra cash then you earn from advertising depending on how successful the video is. 

10. Sell your old CDs, and DVDs

Selling your old bits and bobs that are cluttering up your home is a good idea! Have a good clear out and sort though everything you no longer want or need. Sites such as Musicmagpie will pay you instantly for unwanted items. You can earn anything from 10p up to £20 per item and if you have a lot to sell then you could make a really nice profit. 

For more money saving tips check out The Money Advice Service and have a read of this article on 101 ways to save money.

Do you have any other ways to make some quick money? 

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  1. Great tips, I should probably sell my daughters old baby clothes instead of hoarding them!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Great ideas. I need to sort out my hoards of clothes before baby comes along!


  3. You have some great Ideas on this I may need to do some of them x

  4. Money needs to save for futhure use. This information is good for saving money.


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