Summer is coming and its bringing warm weather, longer days and outdoor parties with it! From birthdays to anniversaries, weddings to spontaneous barbecues, summer is the time to celebrate in the sun. 

Because you’ll want to make the most of a nice summer soiree, why not think about swapping your ipod for a live band. Not only can you work with a band, duo or solo singer to come up with a playlist but you’ll be the party to beat this year. 

So, how do you plan a party with live music taking centre stage?

Decide if you want a band, solo singer or duo 

Depending on the reason for your celebration, you might want to pick different live music. 

If you’re celebrating a more laid back event, such as a christening or anniversary, then a solo singer or duo might suit. With a few sets throughout the day or evening, they’ll provide the perfect soundtrack. Whether you want a medley of acoustic versions of pop songs or more traditional ballads, a singer or duo will add to the atmosphere without being intrusive. 

For birthdays and big summer blow outs with a more energetic, dance atmosphere, consider hiring a band. Where a solo singer might provide the perfect backing track, a band will hype up the crowd. 

Its advisable with bands to get them to play a later set. You’ll want guests to arrive and mingle first so that by the time the band starts they’ll be ready to dance. 

Use a music management company to browse lots of artists 

Once you’ve picked between having a singer, band and duo, you’ll need to find the actual artists. Helpfully, music management companies such as Mango Music work with numerous artists and have a great portfolio of musicians for you to choose from. 

Browse their artists and see if their example playlists would match yours. From there, you can check them out on YouTube or Vimeo. Thanks to the modern world, any and every band will be searchable somewhere online. This allows you to really hear what you’ll be getting before you book. 

Plan your catering around the music 

Serving food at a summer party is easy because the relaxed atmosphere lends itself to a buffet style. Buffet recipes are usually easy to make in large batches so you can prepare in advance too. 

Get your live music choice to play two sets as this will provide you with the perfect serving window in between. After the first set, announce that the catering is ready and direct guests to the tables or billowing barbecue. 

You can arrange the length of each set and start/end timings with the band or singer so that you can make sure everything is ready right on schedule. 

Apart from setup times, which will vary depending on if you’ve chosen a group or individual, live musicians are flexible to your schedule. Plan them around your catering or vice versa, as long as you have agreed in advance you’ll have a seamless party. 

Its a simple as that to plan a summer party with live music. Who needs a DJ when you can have real voice and instruments live in your own home?! Of course if you do want to show off your personal summer playlist then there’ll be plenty of time after the live music has piped down. 

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  1. Some great tips! Cannot wait for Summer bbqs and garden gatherings!

  2. These are so inspiring and great tips! Very helpful for summer wedding parties too. Thanks for sharing

  3. Love the simplistic and natural feel of this Summer Party!

  4. My planner was the perfect fit for me. She thought of every detail I could imagine. She works hard for your event planning and will really make you feel special. She's a joy to work with and she even found my Cartier ring when I left it at the venue on my wedding day!

  5. These tips when implemented will make the summer party more thrilling

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