Another week has gone by and Harrison is now three weeks old. I'm actually feeling a little sad that his first few weeks have been and gone already especially as I know I won't get to experience the newborn days again as I'm 99.9% certain that Harrison is our last baby. 

I've actually started calling him Harry more now, seeing as Amelia can't say Harrison and has always said Harry it's kind of stuck with me. I wasn't keen on Harry to begin with hence why I chose Harrison however Andy preferred Harry so we agreed and said we would use which ever we prefer and he would be Harrison on paper. Speaking of that, we still need to go and get him registered! Luckily we have another few weeks to do register him so I will phone to make an appointment for next week.

I took him for his hearing test at the hospital earlier in the week, seeing as we were discharged at the weekend after he was born the paediatricians who do the hearing tests weren't there so they arranged an appointment for us to go back. His hearing is perfect apparently so that's good! We are still waiting for the health visitor to come to check on his weight again but I can tell he's put on much more weight already. He is filling out more, especially in the face and his newborn first size baby grows no longer fit him which is sad as he only wore most of them once or twice. He still looks so tiny and 0-3 month clothing is huge on him so we are wearing next 'up to 1 month' for the time being. He's still in size 1 nappies which I think he will be for a while yet.

We don't have a strict routine set as we never did with Amelia, we kind of just go with the flow. He loves bath time, but hates the cold so always kicks up a fuss when I get him naked or when I'm changing him however he doesn't really cry too much. No where near as much as Amelia would which is good, as she would cry constantly and need to be held all the time. He's such a calm baby and doesn't really cry when he's hungry either he just stirs so I know he needs feeding. During the day he is much more alert now and will lie in his moses basket or in the swing awake for longer periods glancing across the room. He usually sleeps 2-3 hours at a time during the day which is nice as I get to spend time with Amelia doing things together. I remember when Amelia was a newborn she would feed on demand every hour or so but Harry doesn't seem to want feeding as much.

He's sleeping better at night time now, although this seems to be his fussy period. As soon as Amelia goes to bed he seems to turn nocturnal and will grunt a lot. He will stay downstairs with us until I go up around midnight and he's only waking once or twice now during the night now unless he's constipated which seems to make him wake more often as he must be in pain poor fella. He will start off in his Snuzpod and then ends up in bed with us, although I don't mind as I love the cuddles! Plus I know these days won't last forever and I'll be wishing for these moments back. I'm grateful that he's sleeping pretty good for now although that may all change as his big sister was the worst sleeper! We are still breastfeeding however we also give the odd bottle of formula too which I'm glad he's taken to so well. 

We've started tummy time this week as he loves laying on his belly on me so I figured he may prefer to lie on his front. He is always lifting his head and holds it really well too and pushes his little feet off me and puts pressure on his legs so he's pretty strong already just like his big sister was. 

  • Has a very strong grip
  • Holds head very well since 2 weeks 
  • Sleeping for 3-4 hour periods during the night 
  • Outgrown newborn first size clothing
  • Oohing and aaahing since 2 weeks
  • Will follow you if you move your finger or an object in front of his eyes

  • Loves sleeping on my chest 
  • Doesn't like being cold 
  • Doesn't like a dummy and will self-soothe
  • Loves sticking his tongue out
  • Likes being in the Solly Wrap 
  • Is content lying in the Snuzpod or anywhere during the daytime
  • Doesn't mind his nappy being dirty/wet 

  • Enjoying plenty of snuggles 
  • H took his first bath in the snuggle bath after top and tailing for the past few weeks
  • We went for our first walk as a family and Amelia wanted to push Harry in the pram
  • I decided to buy H a play gym as he has a play mat but I wanted something with a bit more interaction for his development
  • Nana and Granddad have been taking Amelia out to playgroup and for plenty of walks
  • We took Amelia to the play centre and Harrison slept most of the time
  • Amelia has taken on the role of big sister this week and is helping out much more

Okay, that's all I have to update on this week really. I'm also thinking of doing Harrison's updates monthly from now on but we will see. 

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  1. Gorgeous photos. I love looking at newborn pictures, it makes me want another one! We have an 18 month old, and w'ere also planning on having two, so it will be sad to think it could be my last pregnancy and last time experiencing the newborn phase! Enjoy!

  2. Oh bless his cotton socks so cute. I love your updates. Harry is adorable name. We shortened MM because Buba couldn't say her full name at first and it's stuck. Funny how the little ones end up naming them in the end. Hahahah he sounds like he is doing amazing. Way to go momma!

  3. I honestly think he must be one of the most beautiful baby boy's I have ever seen. He is just gorgeous! He's already looking not so new anymore, although he is only 3 weeks! Although I don't want to say that cause it will probably make you sad haha! xx

  4. Aaah, he is so lovely, beautiful boy! Can't believe he is three weeks old already x

  5. What a clever boy with his sleeping! Indiana used to grunt too in the evenings, it kept us awake more than her hAha. He's really looking like you now :) xx

  6. Oh he's so cute! He's looking more and more like Amelia! x

  7. Such a lovely update. I love reading all about how he's getting on. It makes me so excited for baby #2 :) x

  8. lovely update!! love the photos


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