Choosing which subjects they will take on for the GCSE may cause a lot of stress to your child, as it can be difficult to reach a decision on which subjects to do next and which they want to stop studying. By considering all their options and discussing their choices with their parents and teachers, your child will be able to come to the right decision. Read our advice below to ensure your child considers everything. 

Which subjects does your child enjoy? 

What are their favourite subjects at school? A child will usually do better in subjects that they are good at because they are interested in them and are happy to do the work. Retaining knowledge about a certain subject becomes much easier when it is about a subject your child enjoys, so when it comes to exams, they should find them easier to prepare for. 

Which subjects is your child good at? 

It is useful to advise your child to take subjects that they are good at because when it comes to their exams, they will find them easier and will be able to worry less about these subjects. The subjects that a child can be competent in may have similarities; English and History, for example, or maths and physics, which may help with the decision making process. However, this is not always the case and your child may find there are no similarities at all between the subjects they are good at. 

Type of Subjects 

Your child may want to think about the type of subjects they enjoy and why. Are they good with numbers or do they enjoy working through scientific problems? Do they like doing practical things and making something? Or do they prefer writing or art or other ways of expressing themselves creatively? They will be best served choosing the types of subjects that bring out their strengths. Don’t study all essay-based subjects if they hate doing lots of writing, for example!

Future Plans 

While it may seem a long way off, the subjects your child chooses can affect which subject they eventually go on to study at university and even which job they do in the future. If your child has their heart set on a particular course at university or has decided on a career, make sure their subject choices will help get them there. If, for example, your child needs to study the complete range of sciences in order to study Medicine or Veterinary Sciences at university, but feel that one of these is a weak subject for them, your child may benefit from additional tuition in that subject. This is where the help from a private tutor, such as those at Fleet Tutors, could prove invaluable. 

The Need to Discuss with Teachers and Parents 

It is helpful for a child to discuss their choice with their parents and teachers. Talk to them about the reasons why they may be considering choosing a particular subject to help them make realistic choices that are for the best. Your child’s teachers will have lots of experience of advising pupils on their subject choices and will have seen which subject combinations work well. 

It is an exciting time for a child, thinking about their future studies and potentially their career, so encourage them to fully embrace the opportunity to shape the next few years of their life.

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  1. These are great tips and the english system does go way over my head but it's good to learn now what I need to help them when they are deciding. thanks hun.

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