With my due date been and gone and baby boy due to make an arrival any day now I thought I would share some of my pregnancy essentials which have helped me through the final months of pregnancy. I must say, I don't hate the third trimester quite as much as I thought I would especially with a toddler in tow. Yes, I'm tired all the time, run on 6 hours sleep a day and I feel like the size of a whale but this pregnancy has actually been pretty easy going!

Here are several items that I've been relying on this final trimester to make life that little bit more comfortable and enjoyable.


I've always had a huge craving for ice, for many years now. I believe its something to do with having low iron however I just like eating it anyway. Last pregnancy I was obsessed with it every trimester however this time round it's only been this last month or two that I've began eating it obsessively. I can go through cups of it a day as well as many helter skelter ice lollies!

Rennie Tablets

Heartburn has been on and off this trimester, some days its worse than others. For some reason I can't seem to keep Gaviscon down so Rennie tablets have been a lifesaver these past couple of months. 

Babybump App

This is the only app I've used this pregnancy, I like to browse the pregnancy forums and see how other pregnant women are doing who are due around the same time as me. I find that joining the monthly due date forum is a great way to pass some time. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Let's face it who has time to wash their hair every other day especially when you have a toddler. I know I don't! Dry shampoo is such a great invention and helps keep my hair from looking greasy on the days where I haven't had time to wash it. 


I've been lucky enough that my pre-pregnancy clothing still fits however it's also nice to wear comfy leggings and jeggings too. I find that the Next ones seem to be the best fitting and most comfortable for me. 


My lips have been extremely dry this pregnancy especially towards the end. I've been using a number of lip products and have found that the Vaseline lips seems to help the most. 

Theraline Maternity Pillow

I would highly recommend a pregnancy pillow especially in the final months of pregnancy when your bump grows and puts a lot of strain on your body. You can read my review here on both pillows

Comfy Shoes

With a big bump in the way it gets harder to put socks and shoes on towards the end of the pregnancy. I've found that slipping on toms or canvas slip on shoes seems to be the easiest solution at the moment although not so great with the colder weather outside. 


Having some sort of tablet to curl up with in bed each night is great especially as I can catch up on all of my favourite blogs and youtube videos. 

So there you have it, those are my third trimester essentials. Hopefully they help you out if you are wondering what you may need to buy during your pregnancy.

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What are/were your 3rd trimester essentials?

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  1. I had the ice craving too!! Think I had it before being pregnant but being in my third trimester in the hot summer a couple years ago I ate it even more and ice lollies too!! Thankfully as it was summer I just wore flip flops all the time. Fingers crossed baby boy doesn't keep you waiting too much longer!xx

  2. I think my one essentials in the third trimester were biscuits and cups of tea! I think I just vegged out for the last three months! x

  3. Gosh I could never sit and eat ice in the winter, hehe. The app sounds great, I will look it up now and see what I think :) x

    1. Haha! It's 10.30pm and i've just climbed into bed with a cup of ice and ice lolly! I must be crazy x

  4. I have Vaseline and comfortable shoes now and I'm not preggo haha. xox


  5. I really must get myself some dry shampoo - just showering with the 'help' of a toddler is becoming a challenge and I'm only 24 weeks.

  6. I just entered my 3rd trimester this week. This post was much needed for me :) Thanks for the great tips!!

    XoXo Shea L. ---------> kissmychocolate.com

  7. Very impressive list of trimester essentials, Its really useful information you shared here and I love it a lot.

  8. these are awesome essentials lol

  9. Excellent post with lots of lovely information...Thanks for the share..


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