Decorating your new arrival’s bedroom is such an exciting process and a great way to channel your anticipation into a project. There are so many options when it comes to styles and designs, so it’s an opportunity to get creative. With the rising stamp duty changes UK along with the ever increasing electricity costs – making your nursery girly doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Will you opt for de-cluttered and contemporary, or cute and traditional? Whilst some people prefer more gender-neutral decor, others enjoy exploring more classic themes like cars and dinosaurs for boys and flowers and dolls for girls. Here are some ideas for a very girly nursery. 

Ensuring your new baby girl’s nursery or bedroom is fit for a princess is important to ensuring she remains happy and content in her new room. It will also ensure that less work will need to be done to the room as your baby girl grows up.

Wall stickers

A great statement decoration, wall stickers or murals are available in so many designs nowadays and are an easy way to cement a theme. They look really striking covering the majority of a wall and emerging from behind the cot is a popular spot to place them in. For a very girly feel, choose a sprawling floral pattern, like the branches of a blossom tree with pink and white petals that appear to blow across the wall. Swallow and butterfly motifs are also great choices.


A cluster of brightly coloured paper or woollen pom-poms suspended from the ceiling looks fun and unmistakably girly. Hanging above a cot, they can also double up as a mobile. 

Bed canopies

For the ultimate fairy tale princess nursery, don’t miss out a delicate netted canopy. So pretty and luxurious, they can be fitted to provide some cover at just one end of a cot or across the whole bed. Find one with baby pink details for instant extra girliness. 


Indulgent but oh-so-girly; expect a chandelier to remain a feature well into your little girl’s teenage years. A chandelier needn’t be overly large and even the smallest of designs can transform a room. You can choose to have this accessory professionally installed or simply plug it in yourself depending on your budget.

Antique style frames

The trend for whimsical antique style is still going strong, as it combines contemporary with romantic traditional design. Picture frames painted in pale, pastel shades or simply white are feminine and chic, and you can choose to fill them however you like – a fabric initial perhaps, or pretty postcards. 

The best piece of advice you will be given when decorating the bedroom fit for your tiny princess is to only buy objects and accessories that you absolutely love! Also, be careful with any DIY projects you may be planning as the room must be as safe as it is beautiful.

With these tips in mind, your girly nursery will look absolutely fantastic!

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