How To Host A Great Go Kart Party Using Your Local Hall

The cost of children’s birthday parties seems to be ever increasing. With a class full of kids all inviting everyone to their birthdays, the overhead can be high and the logistics a nightmare. However, your local hall may hold the answer to both problems if you use it to host a go kart party. 

Local halls are often free or very cheap to hire out. They are spacious and simply decorated - so that they can be used for a multitude of activities. Sometimes they’ll even have on-site catering. 

Go Kart Parties are simple and fun! 

Kart and course providers Go Kart Party say “we’re often asked if parents and kids have to trek to one of our courses to have their parties, but we can set up anywhere very easily. We bring the karts and inflatable courses to wherever they are.” 

This means you can stay local. A big relief for parents on driving duty that day. Equally, the company will run the races, with a few racers at a time and give the birthday child a lap of honour. 

Use popular games or books as a theme 

Thanks to modern technology becoming a norm for the children growing up today, you might be able to take a theme from their favourite video game or book. 

While a classic cops and robbers theme might seem old hat, why not try a Mario Kart theme? This family friendly video game is popular with lots of children today and features colourful characters whose costumes can be recreated easily. Take title character Mario: A homemade Mario costume can be assembled with nothing more than a red shirt, blue trousers (dungarees if you have them), red cap and fake moustache. 

Equally, the go karts alone are a lot of fun so a theme isn’t a necessity. You can always do something special for the cake instead. 

Custom invites to revv up the excitement 

Invites to kids parties for the under 12s can be almost as exciting for them as the actual parties! Getting home and having your child hand you a cute card or invite with a hand written name may make you regret that grown-ups don’t do this nearly enough! 

Making your own invites is really easy. Create as simple or complicated a design as you want for your kids’ invitations, then get them printed. How about something quirky, like: “You’ve been invited to compete in a rally!” or “A Racing Day is being held in honour of your child’s name!”. 

You don’t have to worry about it costing a bundle either. Printing companies often have great deals. London based The Business Printers, often have deals on cards or flyers and can even dispatch within 4 hours. 

Whatever kind of party you want to host in your local hall, you can easily set up catering tables with snacks and drinks, so you can hold the whole party in one space, with minimal hassle.

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