With the weeks drawing closer and with baby boy due any day now I thought it was about time I shared what I have packed in my hospital bag with you all if you're nosy like me and enjoy these type of posts. I've had my bags half packed from around 34 weeks, adding the last few bits in here and there when I remember something I've forgotten but I think it's finished now. I reckon I've packed a lot more than I did last time, but I like to overpack and am a "just in case" packer so there are most probably items that I won't actually use.

For Mummy

Here's what I've packed for myself, our hospital don't provide anything other than a few pads straight after you give birth so I've made sure I've packed enough of everything I'll need. We only live a 5 minute drive away from the hospital so if I do end up staying in longer Andy can pop home to get more supplies. I've managed to fit everything into my small carry on suitcase so I shall keep the bags separate until I need baby's bag once he's born.


Maternity Pads
Breast Pads 
Water Wipes
Wet Wipes
Toothbrush & paste
Dry Shampoo
Shampoo & Conditioner
Hand cream 
Vaseline lips
Stretch Mark Cream 
Face cloth
Tangle Teaser & hair ties
Lanolin Nipple Cream
Make up bag 
Empty spray bottle 


2 x comfy dark bottoms
2 x Long sleeved pyjama top
1 x thin dressing gown
2 x Nighties
2 x Nursing bras 
Maternity briefs 
Small towel
Going home outfit (leggings and tank top)


Big Camera

For baby

I've packed all of baby's items into my Pink Lining changing bag I had with Amelia. It's just the right size and holds more than I had thought. I had a hard time deciding on what outfits to bring as they are all so cute, but I managed to narrow it down in the end. Again, I've probably packed far too much but I don't mind. 

The Basics

2 x Aden + Anais swaddle blankets 
2 x Muslins 
5 x Sleepsuits
5 x Babygrows/vests
5 x Pairs of socks
3 x Hats
5 x Bibs
Going home outfit

Bits & Bobs

Nappies size 1 
Cotton wool
Dummies (just incase)
Comforter/soft toy
Grooming set

Let me know if I've missed anything or if there was something really helpful that you packed that you would recommend. 


  1. Doesn't look like you have missed anything at all! You have all the essentials and more. I always found I never used everything I packed in my hospital bag. But I always loved packing it, it always got me really excited and made me realise how close it was still I would meet baby. Where did you get that bra from? Is it a nursing bra? Are you planning on breastfeeding for a while too? Xxx

  2. You look very organised, I think I over packed too but I'm the same as you. Id rather over pack that under pack. Good luck! xx

  3. The Tesco Maternity pads are amazing! They're so soft and not too bulky. I never had a leak.

  4. Hello. My baby is due on Wednesday so my bag is all packed and ready to go. I just wondered why you packed the spray bottle? I feel like I may be missing out on something x

    1. Hi Sarah, it can be useful during labour (oh can spray face with water) and then after labour as you wont want to be using tissue down there they recommend using a spray bottle :) x

    2. Great thank you. I'll pop to boots tomorrow. Anything to make the process easier has my vote xx

  5. Straws is what I tell everyone to pack

  6. It looks like you are so well prepared and I can't believe it's time to pack your bag already. Quickest pregnancy ever! x

  7. Looks like you are prepared my darling not long now. I had my bags already for my first but Missy Moo came a month early and I wasn't prepared at all. Loving all your little necessities well organized.

  8. I had my baby girl 7 weeks ago and ended up staying in hospital for a few days. I found that size 1 nappies were too small for her so she was in micro nappies for around 2 weeks. And also her newborn clothes were massive! She's only now grown out of tiny baby clothes. She was 7lb at birth and she's now 9lbs :) so maybe a couple different size nappies and outfits. Good luck with your baby boy xx

  9. What size clothes did you take for the baby?

    1. I've packed first size which is 7lbs, 1 month and also 0-3 months just incase he's big like Amelia was :)

  10. Where did you get those star print joggers from? I have realised I'm a few year's late haha. But they look such nice quality! Great post BTW :)

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