Amelia uses my iPad daily, whether that be to watch youtube videos or play some apps before lunch it is regularly used and dropped numerous amounts of times. I've had a number of different types of cases over the years, ones with stands, ones which flip over and others with handles to grip onto however I've never found the right one for us. We were recently sent the Fatframe iPad case to put to the test to see if it would make up for all of the other cases we've owned. We've now been using it for the past month so I thought it was about time we would share our thoughts with you all. 

The Fatframe is a kid friendly iPad case designed to protect your iPad. Made with cleverly designed handles for little fingers to hold and transport, fatframe gives you peace of mind and super protection for your iPad with your little one is playing with it. Fatframe is made from durable material which is non-toxic, BPA, lead, latex and PVC free which is always good to know. 


Soft and spongy
Hard wearing but bouncy 
Easy to wipe clean

The case will bounce if dropped on the floor which Amelia has done a few times since using it, and it just bounces to the side and lands flat. It definitely protects the iPad however if the screen were to land on something sharp like a table corner or fireplace I think it would smash or alternatively if your child were to drop something heavy on the screen, so that is definitely something I would look at perhaps for future models of the case. 

The ports and buttons are easy to access with no covers to fiddle able with or remove to charge. The only thing you need to do is flip the case back slightly to change the volume which I don't mind as it means Amelia can't have it on the highest volume all the time. 

As the material is non-toxic it is safe to chew, of course Amelia wouldn't chew it now but for younger babies it is definitely a good feature to have. 

The fatframe can also be used standing up by using the fatframe stand which can be purchased separately. I'll be honest we haven't really used it much as Amelia prefers to hold the iPad herself but it would be good for plane journeys or for raising up off the floor. It is slightly bulky and as it doesn't fold down flat it takes up a lot of room. 

I would highly recommend the fatframe to any parent for optimum protection of your iPad and peace of mind when your child is playing with your expensive gadget. The case is lightweight which is great for little hands and I can see it lasting a long time!

The fatframe case is available to purchase in two colours; blue and coral and you can make the most of their special offer by grabbing one for just £19.99 (RRP £25.99) until December 31st by using the code Christmas2014 at the checkout! At the moment the case is only available for iPad 2, 3 & 4 however it will soon be available for iPad Mini and Air.

To find out more about fatframe head on over to their website here.

* We were sent a fatframe case for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own and 100% honest.

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