For some people coffee is a way of life and they can’t function properly without it, especially in the mornings. And they’ll tell you that a cup of coffee isn’t just a cup of coffee; you’ve got your regular Americano but then a myriad of other types and styles that take half an hour to order in a coffee shop.  
If you know someone like that then here are some great gifts that are sure to go down as smooth as a skinny double caramel macchiato with room. Or something.

Coffee Mugs 

Coffee lovers can never have enough coffee mugs, so it’s always a present that will go down well. If you wanted to try and do something a little different, however, you could get them a personalised mug, or if they’re utterly addicted to coffee or need a good waking up in the morning then how about this huge coffee mug

Coffee Machine 

If your coffee-loving friend or family member spends a lot of time in coffee shops but doesn’t recreate the magic at home then a coffee machine might be the perfect gift. This electric appliance shop does seem pretty decent coffee machines, ranging from simple, cheaper ones to more extravagant models that are actually plumbed into your water, but they do cost a little more! 

Posh Coffee 

You may not know your Columbian from your Costa Rican coffee (or maybe you do) but a great gift for a coffee lover is some nice fresh coffee beans. The instant stuff is all well and good but they will easily be able to tell the difference between that and freshly ground coffee. The Coffee Bean Shop is a good place to start and has coffee from all around the world. 

Travel Mug 

Sitting down in a nice relaxing coffee shop may work for some but for those who have busy lives it’s not always possible, and therefore a travel mug is essential. They can then take their coffee on the go and if you get an insulated one then it will keep the coffee warm too. 

A Clever Kettle 

For the best results, coffee should be made with hot, not boiling water, but this isn’t always easy to do with most kettles. However, this kettle from Bonavita lets you set the temperature you want, meaning it won’t boil if you don’t want it too, which is perfect if you want to avoid burning the coffee. 

Coffee Tasting Experience 

Just like a wine tasting, but with coffee! Ozone Coffee Roasters run coffee tasting masterclasses in London (there may well be others around the country) in which you can try various coffees and expand their knowledge of all things caffeine. 


Because everyone knows that biscuits and cakes go down an absolute treat with a cup of coffee. Caramel waffles are also a treat. Leave one resting on the top of your coffee mug for a couple of minutes and it’ll go all gooey and delicious!

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