If you read the blog on a regular basis you may have seen that for the past 8 months we have been lucky enough to be reviewing the monthly food subscription box of all boxes which is Degustabox! This month saw us receive the winter box which was packed full of festive treats and lots of new goodies to try out. 

Each box arrives at the end of the month and costs just £12.99. You will receive a variety of exciting food products including food and drink items so you're bound to find something new and delicious that you will like. Delivery is always on time and I receive notification to let me know my box is on its way which I think is a nice added touch. Each box has always been well packaged and most items are individually wrapped especially if they are breakable. 

So let's see what was waiting for us inside this months box:

Lindt | Lindor My Melting Moment £0.65 per unit

First up, and without a doubt my favourite product in the box these Lindor chocolates certainly went down a treat! In fact, I may have eaten them all on the day they arrived. Woops! I put a couple in the fridge and oh boy did they taste amazing! These are especially great for treats and if you'd rather not open a whole bar of chocolate. They are crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers and are in the shape of a snowflake for the festive period. I looooove Lindt chocolate it's my absolute favourite and I love the smooth melt in the mouth feeling.

Kettle Chips £2.19

Another firm favourite this month was these limited edition kettle chips. I am a huge fan of Kettle chips and love finding new flavours to try out. We were sent the Limited Edition Salsa and Mesquite which I have never tried or heard of before but they definitely went down a treat! This is one of the original seasoning's that the brand launched back in 1988. Amelia even enjoyed them too. 

Pip Organic Fruit Juice £1.50 each

These fruit juices are made from pure organic juices and contain no added sugar, water, preservatives or additives. We received two small sized bottles of the cloudy apple which was really sweet and tangy. I would say that prices at £1.50 I wouldn't be buying them regularly however when out and about they are handy to buy for lunch or with a mid-morning snack at work.

Cool Dawn Recovery Drink £1.49 each

The aim of this drink is to prevent and cure hangovers. Seeing as I'm currently pregnant I don't have a use for these however Andy tried one the other night when he got back from a night out with his friends and then had the other one the following morning. He said he felt more refreshed and not as hungover as he usually would after a night out. I was really looking forward to trying these out myself as I like energy drinks so will have to keep an eye out for them after giving birth if I go out for a few drinks sometime. 

Montano Cider £2.79

Again another product which I was unable to try this month due to being pregnant but the great thing about Degustabox is the fact that you can receive boxes with alcoholic drinks or one without if you prefer. I do drink when not pregnant although not beer, wine or cider so I would have given this to Andy either way. He really enjoyed it and isn't a huge fan of cider however said it was very refreshing and full of flavour. This cider is an elegantly crafted Italian cider made from apples grown in the foothills of the Dolomites. 

Branston Chutney £1.50

The box came with a recipe card to make some sausage rolls with this chutney. I am yet to try that however I have put it on a cheese board selection I made up the other night when we had some guests over and it was a nice addition. The chutney is mediterranean tomato and isn't over powering but definitely had a bit of a kick to it. I can see this being a hit in the sausage rolls for Christmas snacks!

Kent's Kitchen Stir in Flavour Shots £1.85

I love receiving little packets like these and we have had a few from numerous boxes throughout the year. They are so handy to have in the cupboard for those days where you're not sure on what to cook or want a quick and easy meal for the family. The Kent's Kitchen flavour shots are a great way of jazzing up plain boring old flavours and will bring your taste buds to life, you simply add it to your chicken and stir. We were sent the Fajita seasoning which we are yet to use but will be making some fajitas soon!

Holy Cow Sauces £1.69 each

We received two of the Holy Cow curries to try out which included a Goan Prawn and Korma which are two of my favourite curries. I love the fact that they are really simple to use and require little effort too. We had a curry night last which and I simply cooked some chicken and prawn and prepared the rice and naan bread and then added the sauce to the pan. Much cheaper than ordering a takeaway and they taste just as good you can't even tell the difference! 


I really enjoyed this months box and can't wait for the last box of the year to arrive at the end of this month. I have thoroughly enjoyed my review process and would highly recommend this subscription box to anyone who loves getting a surprise through their door each month. 

Fancy ordering your own box? Sign up here and you can get £3 off your first box by using the code WG6HH at the checkout!

You can find more information about Degustabox on their website and you can also follow them over on Facebook and Twitter for all their latest going ons!

* We were sent this months box for the purpose of the review.
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