With Christmas fast approaching, the pressure to find the ideal gifts is mounting. Getting the perfect present for a mum can have its own hurdles because not all mums are quite the same. Some mums buy their own makeup, don’t want special soaps or don’t like jewellery. With these classic gifts off the table, what do you get? 

We’re here to help with a selection of five wonderful, alternative gifts for the mums who aren’t so girly. Think gifts for the practical, working mums, the great cooks and the tech obsessed. These interesting and unique gifts will make her life that much nicer, they’re practical and they’ll show her that you can think outside the box. 

1. A stylish briefcase for a working mum 

Working mums know how to get the job done with maximum efficiency. So why shouldn’t their briefcase be equally capable of a range of uses? Compartmentalisation is key for a good working handbag or briefcase. 

When selecting your working mum’s new case, remember to look out for: 
  • a dedicated phone/ipod pocket on the front, 
  • sections in the main bag for stationary or documents and business cards, 
  • the right size for the laptop or tablet your working mum uses, 
  • a rich, statement colour - this doesn’t mean electric pink but more dark hues such as green, red or navy and steering away from boring black. 
A good example of a great briefcase for a not so girly mum is the green leather briefcase from eCRATER. Made from durable, dark evergreen coloured leather it will only look better with a little ware. 

2. Tech mums need a decent set of headphones 

While most of us are happy to settle for the headphones that came with our iphone, the tech mum longs for something a bit more serious. Typical issues for cheaper headphones are sound leakage and background noise getting through. Not great when you need to focus. 

Consider how your tech mum wants to use her headphones when making your choice. Does she loves hearing every word of the latest audiobook she’s downloaded? Then look for phones with extra volume and sound controls. If she needs to drown out the office chatter at work then overear headphones, as a general rule, are better at keeping exterior sounds out. 

Bose headphones are a good choice as the brand are known for excellent quality, superior sound and noise cancelling technology. Additionally, like many higher end headphones, they offer wireless headphones for listening on the tech mum’s phone, computer or tablet. 

3. A coffee machine for all the java loving mums 

Whether you're heading out on the school run or trekking to the office, starting your day with a freshly brewed mug of hot coffee can really help get you going. 

For the coffee lovers, who don’t want to settle for the Starbucks queue, why not get them a compact coffee maker for home! Since Nespresso no longer owns the patent for capsules, rivals are popping up more and more, allowing your coffee loving mum to try out and taste some new and exciting coffees. 

4. Custom registration plates for the motor mum 

It isn’t just men who love cars, there are plenty of motor mums who adore their cars. But loving your car doesn’t have to mean fluffy dice. Instead get the unconventional gift that keeps on giving with a cool, customised registration plate. 

According to UK-based from Click4Reg, when it comes to picking the plates, there are a host to choose from, including n4mes, prefixes and dateless. Which one you choose will depend on the person. 

If the motor mum loves to fiddle with the engine and knows her makes, from Audi to Volvo, then a dateless plate might be the desirable fix for her favourite ride. If she loves her car like a second home, look for a nickname or her initials and cement the relationship. 

5. The chef mum’s dream pasta maker 

The chef mum loves to cook, she wants to learn and create all the cultural cuisine she can. A pasta maker is the tool that is worth giving. Help the mum to be properly equipped in the kitchen and start mastering italian food with this great gadget. 

Masterchef is this mum’s go to inspiration guide, along with Great British Bake Off and Sunday Brunch so pasta is the new frontier. Dried pasta is good in a pinch but freshly rolled pasta is unbeatable. 

There are numerous pasta makers on the market. Look for one that can create pasta in multiple thicknesses, such as the Kitchen Craft Deluxe Double Cutter Pasta Machine. It offers nine variations in thickness and is only £19.99 so you won’t break the bank.

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  1. What a fab list of gifts for mom! Love it. My mom would love most of these too! :) She isn't so girlie. So things for the kitchen etc are perfect! Lovely post.

  2. Great ideas! I struggle sometimes getting gifts for everyone!

  3. Great gifts, I'm not the most girly of women and always get stuck of what to ask for x

  4. Private Number Plates are a great gift: www.premier-plates.co.uk


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