A few years ago I was a real Scrooge at Christmas, having worked every Christmas day since I was 14 I could never get into the Christmas spirit. That was until I had Amelia and have been able to enjoy Christmas, spend time as a family and make new traditions of our own. As we're now into the month of December and Christmas just around the corner I thought I would share our traditions, some of which we have started this year and some that we have done since her first Christmas. I'm looking forward to starting these traditions and with thanks to #PayPalMoments I'm able to do so as I've finished my Christmas shopping online and now able to spend Christmas with my family and make magical moments. 

1. Book advent 

This year I decided to make Amelia a book advent calendar which means that everyday from December 1st-24th we will unwrap a Christmas/Winter book before bedtime. You can see her book advent here.

2. Elf door

This is another new tradition and one which I am very excited about, Amelia loves her fairy door so this will no doubt be a fond favourite too! 

3. Put up the Christmas Tree

For Amelia's 1st and 2nd Christmas we had the tree up around the 1st of December however this year we won't be putting it up until the 1st weekend in December. As she is older now she can help decorate it and it will be nice to follow on that tradition each year. 

4. Visit the Coca Cola Truck

This won't be a tradition every year however as it is in our local town this year we will definitely be visiting! There's something about seeing the Coca Cola Truck which makes it so magical, even if it is just the TV advert, but seeing it in person will be even better!

5. Go and see some reindeer

Every year there are some real reindeer at a local garden centre so I thought it would be nice to take her to see them in the run up to Christmas. I can't wait to see her excitement in a few years time when she asks to go and see them!

6. Watch Christmas movies 

It can't be Christmas without getting in the festive spirit and watching some Christmas films now can it? I can't wait to start watching some movies and have a great stack to get through!

7. Make a gingerbread house 

I've never made one myself but have bought a gingerbread house kit this year and will definitely be sitting down with Amelia to build it. 

8. Buy Amelia a new Christmas tree decoration 

I have bought Amelia a new decoration each year since she's been born so it would be nice to continue this tradition every year and the same with her little brother next year. This year I bought this handmade tree decoration and had it made with the words Amelia's 3rd Christmas 2014.

9. Take Amelia to see Santa

We've not taken her before as I didn't really see the point with her being so young but this year as she is understanding much more I would really like to take her to Santa's Grotto. We have a few near us so I just need to decide on which one and would love to make it a yearly tradition before Christmas.

10. Bake Christmas treats

I've never really been the baking type and never had time over the Christmas period due to working ridiculous hours so this year I'd really like to get my baking hat on and do some baking with Amelia. I'm thinking Christmas themed biscuits, cupcakes and other festive treats. 

11. Go Ice Skating   

If there are any local outdoor ice rinks we will definitely take Amelia as she's never been before. It will be a great experience and a new tradition in the run up to Christmas. I'm sure as she gets older it will be even more fun. 

12. Watch the Christmas lights come on 

I've never been to see the Christmas lights being turned on in our local town, so it would be nice to take Amelia and make it a new yearly tradition. On the same day as the Coca Cola truck visiting our town the lights will be turned on that evening so we will definitely be sticking around for that. 

13. See a Christmas Play/Panto

I remember as a child going to watch a Christmas panto at the local theatre or the Christmas play at school, however I've not been to one in donkeys years! I'd love to take Amelia to see her first panto, although I don't think she would sit through it at this age. 

14. Write a letter to Santa

Of course Amelia is too young to write to Santa just yet but each year we will write a letter to Santa and she will also receive a letter from Santa which I will keep until she is older. I'm sure as she gets older she will love receiving a letter from him. 

15. Christmas eve basket

I made Amelia her first Christmas Eve basket last year which she loved and I had so much fun putting it together I've decided to make her one every year. To see what's in her basket this year click here. I will give it to her on Christmas Eve morning and we can enjoy the day watching Christmas films, reading Christmas themed books and doing festive activities. 

16. New Christmas pjs

Every year I'd like to buy a new pair of Christmas pyjamas for the kids to wear. I will put them in their Christmas eve baskets and they can wear them to the bed that night ready for Santa.

17. Leave santa plate out on Christmas eve 

This year I bought a Santa plate so Amelia and I could put out some treats for Santa and the reindeer before she goes to bed. I'm looking forward to starting this new tradition and continuing it with both of the kids. 

18. Read "The night before Christmas"

I always remember growing up I would read The Night Before Christmas every Christmas eve before I went to sleep and feeling so magical and excited for what the next day would bring. I can't wait for Amelia to know what Christmas is in a couple of years when she understands it more. We will read this book every Christmas eve 

19. Wrap Christmas Presents 

Of course this happens every year but I usually have all my wrapping done pretty handy, this year I'd like to leave some of the wrapping until Christmas eve so that I can sit down in front of the fire, watch Christmas films, scoff my face with snacks and wrap the last lot of presents. 

20. Scatter Reindeer dust before bed

Another tradition I'd like to start is scattering reindeer food/dust before Amelia goes to bed. Last year I included some in her Christmas eve basket which we scattered around the fireplace and living room however this year I think we'll scatter it outside and on the doorstep. You can make your own from porridge oats and glitter or buy some pre-made on eBay.

Now that all of my shopping is done, we will be putting the tree up this week and I can finally get in the festive spirit. I am now looking forward to making some Christmas memories with my family. Don't forget to enter PayPal's Magical Christmas Moments competition by heading on over to their Facebook page for your chance to win an iPad Mini! There's a 1 in 5 chance of winning!

Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

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  1. I love all of these, saved this post for later!
    Me and my mum are always trying to think of new traditions still now; and i'm 20 and my brothers 18!
    You can never be too old for christmas although, yes, I agree we do get a little more scroogy now ;)

    New PJ's is my favourite. I have never not had new PJ's on Christmas eve.
    I'd be disappointed now, not getting them after 20 years!

    Hope you enjoy your new traditions!

    May | www.dropsofbrandy.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Also! I wanted to add this but I got a bit ahead of myself,
      another selfless tradition you could get involved with yearly is the christmas shoebox's for less fortunate children around the world! This may be in a few years for your little girl, but it would teach her a lot!
      I wrote a post about it recently:



  2. I love the book advent idea, so cute! We invented a tradition where everyone has to wear a Christmas jumper to Christmas dinner. I'm on the look out for one right now.

  3. Lots of these are on my list too! My LO is still a bit too young to understand it all but love starting the traditions now with her.


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