Ever since Amelia was born I have been a Pampers Mum from the word go, whether that be Pampers New baby, Baby-Dry or Simply Dry we have never had any problems with them at all including no leakages and no sensitive bums. However until last week we had never tried the Active fit range so we were set the challenge of testing the Pampers Active Fit nappies to see how effective they are at keeping baby dry inside the nappy.

It's not often that we think about how dry our baby's nappy is on the inside but it can't be nice sleeping in a wet nappy. Pampers Active Fit nappies have an extra-absorbent layer that quickly draws wetness away, locking it in so that baby stays up to 2 times drier than the next leading nappy.

Here are our results feel free to try it out for yourself too: 

What you'll need 
✓ 1 Pampers Active Fit nappy
✓ 150 ml of water
✓ 1 cup or bottle to pour
✓ Kitchen roll
✓ 1 Stop watch
✓ Pair of scissors

1. Mould your Pampers Active Fit nappy as if it was flitting around your baby so that it makes a bowl shape. 

2. Measure 150ml of tap water in a cup. This is equivalent to 2-3 pees which is about the amount your baby may pee before you notice they need changing. 

3. Slowly pour the water into the centre of the bowl that you created with the nappy and watch the water dissolve. 

The photo above shows the water remaining a couple of seconds after pouring the water.

4. Set your timer for 1 minute and 30 seconds and watch how the nappy absorbs all of the water. 

Here you can see that all of the water has been dissolved. This photo was taken around 20 seconds of the timer being on. 

5. When the time is up put your piece of kitchen roll on to the nappy's surface and press down applying some pressure to stimulate the weight of your baby. 

6. Lift up the kitchen roll and see the result! The kitchen roll is bone dry! Not a drop of water, not even a mark. I am surprised! 

When touching the nappy with your bare hands you will notice how dry it actually is. Pampers Active fit speeds wetness away for your baby's skin, locking the liquid away and providing up to 12 hours of dryness which is great reassurance for parents. I was very impressed with the results and will definitely be purchasing these instead of the Baby dry and Simply dry which we have been using religiously. 

This post is an entry for #BritainsDriestNappy trial sponsored by Pampers. Learn more at facebook.com/PampersUKIre

Have you tried the Pampers Active Fit? What are your thoughts?

* Please note I was sent a pack of Active Fit nappies to try for the purposes of this review. However, all opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

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  1. I'm a pampers mum also. Had no leaks with my 18 month old. It's definitely worth the money to invest in pampers. We use active fit in the day and baby dry at night. X

  2. We recently switched from Aldi's Mamia range to Pampers and I was hoping they'd be great but I found the Active Fit useless for us, they just kept leaking. The Baby Dry is a much better fit for TL and he's been dry since we got them. I thought the Active Fit would have been great but was sadly disappointed :(

  3. That's very impressive! I'm a mum to be so not tested anything out myself yet, but I do like to be on the look out for recommended products for upcoming months! x

  4. Until about month ago I had always used Pampers (New baby and Baby Dry), but I tried their Active Fit Nappies for the first time and unfortunately took two packets on holiday! They were a disaster and 12 nappies leaked which was a nightmare with us being on holiday and away from a washing machine. We ended up running out of vests and sleepsuits and having to wash them in the washbasin. Since then I have been trying other brands!

  5. I've always used Pampers with both my daughters, and have to say I've always been really impressed. They also seam really comfy as when I tried another brand they rubbed quite a bit whereas I've never had that problem with Pampers. Great post! xxx


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