Whether you're ready to start travelling as soon as possible once your little one is born or would prefer to wait a few years before heading across the globe, at some point you'll need to apply for a child passport for your little globetrotter. Your baby's first passport session can be a funny yet frustration experience. The final headshot may not be as great as you had hoped but it might be pretty comical.

Your application may be delayed if the photo's don't meet the correct requirements. Here are my top tips for a successful first passport photo:

1. Get a professional 

Although it may be cheaper to take them at home yourself or head to the nearest photo booth in hope for the best. It's not really an option for babies or toddlers. Although your newborn doesn't have to have to be looking directly at the camera as they are under one it can be hard to capture a neutral expression. It's hard enough to get a toddler to sit still let alone meet the exact requirements needed. High street photo shops such as Boots and Jessops usually have a passport service which is child friendly and can airbrush out arms and hands when supporting babies. 

2. Wakey Wakey

If possible try and coordinate your photo shoot with a time of day that your baby will usually be awake at and not fussing. Perhaps after nap time and after they have eaten. Your baby's eyes need to be open in the photo, so catching their attention by using their favourite toys can work. 

3. What to wear

Because the background of the photo must be white or a solid light colour its best to choose a bright and contrasting outfit so your baby doesn't look washed out. Also by layering up your babies outfit they can be used to prop up their torso if they need a little assistance to sit up straight by sliding your hands up underneath their jumper and your hands won't show in the photo. 

4. What else you'll need to know
  • Hats and head covering are not allowed, all photos with any additional items will be rejected.
  • Nobody else can be visible in the shot
  • No dummies or toys
  • There can't be any arms around the head area
  • There must be a blank space above your baby's head
  • The head and both ears must be in shot
  • Photo has to be taken against a white or cream background
  • If your baby is less than 1 year old they do not need to have their eyes open
As we love going on holiday Amelia got her first passport at just 4 months old as we were going abroad when she would be 6 months old. I ensured that I ordered her passport in plenty of time as it's never a good idea to rely on it coming back in a couple of weeks. I would recommend sending off your application at least 3 months before you are planning on jetting off. 

How old was your baby when they went abroad for the first time or how old will they be if you are planning on going abroad? 

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  1. I just took my 5 month old little girl today for her passport photos, the one I didn't think of was the colour of her top, and she had a cream coloured one on! Thankfully she had a spotty pink bib on. Great list!

  2. I would love to take my little one abroad but it's not on the cards for us at the moment :(
    Great tips though :) I think I'd just ask my Dad to take the photo, he's really good at photoraphy and managed my sisters when she was a baby xx

  3. Some great advice, thanks Kerry. We have two little ones (4 and 14 months) and haven't yet ventured overseas with them. It's going to be a bit of a task getting them into a photo booth and getting decent, passable pics!

  4. I took Amy's passport photo and it really couldn't have been easier. I led her on a white sheet, leaned over her and took a picture. No faffing, leaving the house and getting hot and flustered at the photo studio. Plus, it was cheaper than the other services around including delivery ;)

  5. Great post!! Very helpful!!
    L x


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