Toddler Summer Bucket List

We've not had the best of summers here in North Wales this year, compared to last year we seem to have spent more rainy days stuck inside rather than days spent at the beach, in the forest or even in the garden! I love spending time outside with Amelia, she loves the outdoors and exploring so this summer we are aiming to tick off a lot of activities on our bucket list! We've not had an actual beach day yet this year, as it's just not been nice enough on our days off, we have however been to the forest a handful of times as well as the lake.

Here's how our summer bucket list is looking so far, as you can see we still have many that we would like to tick off!

1. Go to the beach
2. Have a picnic
3. Go on a bike ride in the UK
4. Go to the lake
5. Go for a walk in the forest
6. Eat fish and chips by the seaside
7. Have a BBQ
8. Go to the zoo at least once
9. Have a water fight
10. Go swimming
11. Run through a sprinkler
12. Draw with chalk outside
13. Make an outdoor chalkboard
14. Join the toddler play gym
15. Take Amelia camping
16. Play on the trampoline
17. Go on the Welsh highland railway
18. Visit a waterfall
19. Make and paint a cardboard house outside
20. Use the wigwam outside

E-Outdoor have put together a fun outdoor summer hunt to keep the kids amused at home in the garden, days out at the park or even whilst eating out. It's full of activities such as drawing, reading and writing including six activities and fun facts to help encourage learning during the summer holidays. You can download a copy of the PDF here to print it off for your little ones and head on out for a summer hunt.

How have you been enjoying the outdoors this summer?

* In collaboration with E-outdoor

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  1. This is so lovely and it's great that you've so many things crossed off already. I think I'll definitely have to make one with TL next summer when he's a bit older and can really enjoy these things :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

  2. You're doing really well with your Summer bucket list. I'm sure you'll tick the rest off in no time! x

  3. Such a good bucket list!! These are things the full family will enjoy :)
    L x

  4. Your doing pretty well though considering you haven't had nice weather. You need to move to Cambridgeshire, we have had amazing weather here! x

  5. I wish I'd though to have done a summer bucket list but summer is now well & truly over in Scotland, in perfect timing for the schools going back today.

    Maybe next year! I'll have two toddler to occupy then so I think I'll need to! xo

  6. Fab little bucket list! Great idea!


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