Degustabox Review - July

I have been lucky enough to receive a number of subscription boxes over the past year or so and my favourite by far has to be Degustabox. Who doesn't love receiving a box full of yummy goodies to try out each month? For just £12.99 a month your box will be full of new and exciting food and drink items to try out. 

Each box is well presented and packaged with bubble wrap ensuring all of your products arrive safely. I've never had a damaged box yet, and all of the items are well secure inside even glass bottles. 

Inside this month's Degustabox we received:

3 x Portlebay Flavoured Popcorn – RRP £2.37 (79p each)
6 x Maggi Cooking Sachets – RRP £5.44
Frank Snack Bar – RRP – 85p
Green & Black’s Lemon Bar – RRP £2.29
Dr Oetker Violet Crystals – RRP £1.29
Dr Oetker Eton Mess – RRP £1.99
2 x Hornsby’s Blueberry Cider – RRP £2.50 (£1.25 each)
3 x Zeo soft drinks – RRP £3.87 (£1.29 each)
The Berry Company Black Tea – RRP £1.49

Having never tried Portlebay popcorn before I was rather eager to open these. I love sweeted and toffee popcorn so was intrigued at the choice of flavours. The crispy bacon and maple syrup was nice, although I thought it was a bit too strong on the bacon flavour, maybe just my pregnancy tastebuds? The sweet and salted is basically what is says, i'm not a fan of salted popcorn but this actually worked quite well together. I'm yet to try the chilli & lime packet as my pregnancy aversions have made me go off a lot of different types of food, so I will open them when I have the urge to eat them. I will definitely be keeping an eye out to see if they have any more flavours. 

These Maggi cooking sachets are very handy in the kitchen for quick meals to throw together. I've never tried the Maggi brand before but will definitely be purchasing some of these in my next shop as they are so easy to use. We loved the chicken and leek potato bake as well and the chicken ones.  

Not a fan of dark chocolate so my mum very happily took this bar of chocolate of me and said it was delicious and even ate the whole bar in one sitting! She said it wasn't too rich either and that I probably would have liked it. Damn! 

I'm looking forward to doing some baking this week with Amelia one I get some ingredients in and can't wait to use these Dr Oetker sprinkles, perfect for cupcakes! 

I'm not a fan of cider and seeing as I'm currently pregnant the other half gladly drank these for me. He was reluctant at first as he's not a fan of blueberries but the drink was very refreshing! 

I love finding new soft drinks to try out, and anything as an alternative to Dr pepper is a win for me. These Zeo are more expensive than your usual bottle of pop but they are very refreshing and perfect summer drinks! My favourite was the crush flavour. 

This is currently sat in my cupboard as I don't drink tea and a bit wary to try it, however I think I will give it a go sometime soon and if I'm sure my mum will next time she is over. I believe they have a range of flavours too. It is great to find out about new brands which I wouldn't normally buy though. Of course there's always going to be some products which aren't to everyone's taste however the box definitely makes up for that by providing a great range of food and drink products for everyone. 

Having received the Degustabox monthly subscription box for the past three months now, I can say I am hugely impressed! The box is great value for money as the products usually come to a total of £20-25 which is almost double the amount the box cost to buy. I love finding new products, and have bought many of the products from the box when doing the food shop. 

You can check out May and June's reviews here to see more great products that you could receive in the box. 

To find out more about Degustabox or to sign up to receive your own box next month click here. You can also get £3 off your first box simply by entering the code BCIMT at the checkout! 

For more details:
Degustabox website: www.degustabox.com

* We were sent a Degustabox for the purpose of the review, all opinions are 100% honest and our own.

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  1. We love our Degustaboxes too, we'll most probably be signing up in the future! x

  2. Sounds great
    L x

  3. I get Degustaboxes too. I'm not a fan of Dark chocolate either but I actually found this one really nice, it wasn't too bitter, more on the sweet side.

  4. This looks great I love the maggis satchets for a quick midweek meal I really love the paprika chicken it's lovely!

  5. I'm always on the look out for soft drink alternatives but yet to come across something to replace my Diet Coke addiction. My Mum got me the Zest Zero drink a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised (although not enough to drop the Diet Coke!) so I'll definitely need to try the Crush one.

    And as a huge fan of cider, particularly the berry varieties, I'll be keeping an eye out for the Hornsby's one! xo


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