7 Creative Ways to Renovate your Home on a Budget

The cost of renovating your home doesn’t have to run into the thousands. 

Whatever your budget there are plenty of small changes you can make that will make a big difference to your home interiors. It’s all about making the best of what you already have and by keeping your renovations simple, you’ll be able to control the cost easier. 

Read on for 10 creative ways to renovate your home and stick to your budget. 

Repaint your furniture

It’s amazing what a lick of fresh paint can do to your wooden furniture. A splash of colour will give new life to an old, tired table or chest of drawers and instantly transform the room. White paint can make your wooden furniture pieces look particularly striking. Combine a white kitchen table with blue walls for a fresh, country-style look. 

Change your cupboard handles 

New handles instantly spruce up your kitchen or bathroom cupboards and make them feel new again. 
Use new handles to add a touch of colour to the room or choose a sleek, steel design for an ultra-modern look. Change the cupboard handles in your living room to antique brass and you’ll give them a vintage feel. 

Buy shutters

Window Shutters are a great way to transform your home inside and outside. When you buy them from a high quality manufacturer like Thomas Sanderson they’ll be tailor-made so you know they’ll last. And you can choose white ones for a country cottage feel or wooden ones for a vintage look. 

Replace your front door

Getting a new front door is an instant way to make your old house feel like a new house. Invest in a completely new door or if you’re a little bit strapped for cash, spruce your existing one up with a splash of colour. 

Change your kitchen tiles

This is another good value way to transform a room. You can pick up kitchen tiles for as cheap as 50p a tile depending on which design you choose. Usually the more elaborate the tile, the more expensive it will be but you can keep the cost down by mixing and matching plain ones with more decorative ones to create a distinctive new look. 

Reupholster your sofa 

Getting bored of your living room? Save money by reupholstering your sofa instead of buying a new one. If you’ve got cream coloured walls, you could use the newly upholstered sofa and accessories to create a completely new colour scheme to the room. 

Spring clean every room

Sometimes all it takes is a good clean to revitalise your home. Small things like dusting the skirting boards and cleaning your carpets can really refresh your home and make it good as new. 

Make sure you pay particular attention to your conservatory as this room can easily gather grime on the outside and dust on the inside. It may even be cost-effective to hire a professional conservatory cleaning service like the one from Thomas Sanderson. Your conservatory will be cleaned to a professional standard, restoring it to its former beauty. 

So there are seven top tips for renovating your home on a budget. If you’ve got any useful advice of your own, let us know below!

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  1. I really think you should mention that your posts contain sponsored content, as I feel you are misleading your readers!

    1. If it's written by the blogger them selfs ASA say there is no need to disclose!

    2. It says it has sponsored content at the end of the post. But anyhow, I really don't see how it is misleading!

      Anyhow, painting furniture and changing handles are great tips - you can get some fab handles on etsy. xx

  2. I think some of these could be a bit expensive but some of then are great ideas!!
    L x

  3. These are great tips! We're about to paint our bedroom and looking for other ways to update. Thanks! x

  4. Truly it is a fabulous post of home improvement. All the process of home renovation are too helpful. I am so grateful for sharing some wonderful guidelines of home renovation. Thanks for making a nice blog.....


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