Surviving Pregnancy

Pregnancy... it should be a time full of wonderful memories and feelings as you are about to welcome your little bundle of joy into the world however for many it's a time in their life that they would much rather forget. As wonderful as it may be there are many experiences we go through whilst pregnant, some far worse than others. Some women sail through their pregnancy where some suffer with every symptom thrown at them! I may only have just entered the second trimester of my pregnancy, but having been through it all before I thought it would be fun to look back on those pregnancy symptoms which we all dread. 

Here are some of the symptoms and joys of pregnancy that I'm not looking forward to during pregnancy this time round:

Nausea & Morning sickness

This is probably the toughest thing you will have to endure during pregnancy and on top of looking after a toddler or working it can really take it's toll on you. I was pretty lucky with Amelia and didn't experience any morning sickness, this time round I had it quiet bad during week 7 and 8. I do still get it every now and again but it's usually when I haven't eaten anything or just woken up. I do however get nauseous very often, especially if I'm hungry. 

Here are a few tips that may help you to get through those first few months (or more) of nausea and morning sickness:
  • Snack frequently - Keep plenty of snacks in your bag when on the go and eat several small meals each day to keep your stomach from being empty. 
  • Eat ginger - Ginger helps keep the nausea at bay, many women eat ginger biscuits, sweets or drink ginger tea and it definitely helps.
  • Wear a sea-band acupressure wristband or take some anti sickness tablets. 

With all those extra vitamins, iron tablets and the hormone progesterone this can often slow down your digestive system. Here are a fews tips to help beat constipation: 
  • Drink more water - May be easier said than done especially if you're not keen on water but try and drink around 8 glasses a day if you can. You could try flavoured water or sparkling if you're not keen on water. Im not a fan of water but will drink it if it is ice cold out of the fridge. 
  • Increase your finer intake - Ensure you are getting plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, prune juice is also good for this too. 
  • Eat healthier - Cut out the junk food including takeaways as great as they can be when you're not up for cooking they really aren't healthy. But by cutting out all the bad foods and eating more fruit and vegetables this can help your digestive system tremendously. 

If you haven't experienced heartburn before pregnancy you will probably be wondering what on earth is happening to you. I remember the first time I had it towards the end of my second trimester, the burning sensation literally makes you stop in your tracks. Heartburn during pregnancy usually happens sporadically but can be worse after eating so here are a few tips to try and keep it at bay:
  • Don't eat too late at night, that means no big meals after 7pm. If you need to snack keep it to biscuits or food which are less likely to cause heartburn. 
  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day 
  • Eat less spicy foods as this will trigger it. 
  • Don't lie down straight after a meal
Many people say it's a known fact that symptoms of heartburn usually mean your baby will born with a full head of hair, this wasn't the case for Amelia. 

Stretch Marks

These are one thing that most women hate, as much as it reminds you of your child and the fact that you carried them for 9+ months they're not pretty. I'm pretty lucky as I never got any whilst pregnant with Amelia but I do wonder if I will time round. Whether you will get stretch marks or not is actually all down to genetics, if your mum got them then you are most likely to as well. There is nothing we can do to prevent them but here are some ways to minimise stretch marks:
  • Use moisturisers and stretch mark creams - Although these won't make them disappear you can reduce them by starting early and choosing creams which contain vitamin E or A. 
  • Keep your body well hydrated - Your skin needs to be hydrated for optimal skin elasticity and it's recommended that you drink between 8-12 glasses of water a day. If you get a lot of headaches or have signs of lack of concentration these are both signs that you could be dehydrated. 

Headaches are common in early pregnancy, and are often caused by hormones, feeling tired or stressed, skipping meals and having little sleep. There are many ways to reduce headaches by changing your lifestyle:
  • Pain relief - prescribed by your doctor as there are many medicines which you can't take when pregnant. 
  • Hydration - Make sure you're not de-hydrated as this can cause headaches especially earlier on in pregnancy. 
  • Get more sleep - Have you been sleeping less recently? If you can go to bed an hour earlier or take a nap in the day. 
What was the worst symptom you experienced during pregnancy?

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  1. Great post. I actually miss being pregnant even though I had Obstetric Cholestasis. I really do miss the feeling of a baby moving inside me and having that exciment of meeting a new little baby. The only thing I never had in that list was Heartburn! X

  2. 4head is a life saver for pregnancy headaches.
    Heartburn & spd / sciatica combo weren't fun either x

  3. This is a great post! I was one of the lucky ones. I had no symptoms at all but just in case I ever have another (fingers crossed) I have liked your post to keep your tips handy!!!
    L x

  4. great post I definitely have suffered from all of these so far

  5. i needed these a few weeks ago! hoping the nausea is mostly gone now :)

  6. The worst symptom I had, probably tmi, but I had horrendously sore boobs! Seriously I could barely sleep, and had to constantly have a hot water bottle!!

  7. I was lucky I didn't get too many bad symptoms, bar at the end when I got ridiculously bad rib pain both times. Apparently it was because where my girls were so big, they were pushing my ribs back. The midwife could feel them protruding out my back! Ouch! x

  8. You really need to proofread your posts.

    1. leave her be, she probably doesn't have time to proof read every single post, i know that I sure don't!

  9. Thanks for share, your information is really helpful for us

  10. Great post. I know lots of women that suffer enormously from various symptoms and problems like you've mentioned!

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